17 Days: One Final Adventure

by Merry Magdalene 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • happy1975

    What a wonderfully touching story. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  • Bryan

    How wonderful... How Tragic... How inspiring...


  • Warlock

    I can't find the words, just the tears, for you.


  • bikerchic

    (((((Merry & Daughter)))))

    Again Merry my sincere condolences and sympathies for the loss of your dear Mother and thank you for sharing your story and tribute with us. It's a reminder to hold life dear, put away your differences and always act in kindness and love, people respond to and need love no matter what is going on in their lives.

    In the days and weeks ahead as your grief comes and goes I hope you re-read this and feel the love and concern we all have for you and you find comfort.



  • restrangled


    Thank you for writing that post and my sincerest sympathy for the loss of your mom.

    It was extremely thought provoking for me. I keep wondering what I will do when someone calls me to say come take care of your mother. You are a real inspiration.


  • karen96

    What a wonderful post! What beautiful women you have in your life! My deepest sympathy for you and your family in your grief.


  • lilybird

    Merry....Thanks for sharing your bittersweet story . You made your mother's last days much more bearable for her....So sorry for your loss.

  • LDH
    I'll spare you the rest of the details. Suffice it to say, all I felt the whole time was a prevailing sense of love. Pure love. We got to be mother and daughter again. I got to treat her like a queen and appreciate her true nature apart from the JW stuff to which she was so attached. Too bad it took a fatal illness to bring out the best in everyone. My JW relatives were nothing but loving and helpful. Something we should all aspire to be towards each other all the time, not just in a crisis, me thinks.

    Family love triumphs over WT doctrine.

    Beautiful and moving. All my best to you and yours.


  • bebu

    What a surprising ending to what could have been a real tragedy. Your mom sounds like she was cut from the same cloth as mine. I'm so glad to know you could spend so many precious days with her, really sharing your hearts together, making up for so much lost time.

    I raise a toast here to you good mother, and to you, a faithful daughter. May God preserve the good thing He created in your lives!


  • outnfree

    (((((Merry)))) Again, I'm very sorry for your loss. You paint your mother as a magnificent woman, and you and your daughter seem to have inherited her big heart.

    Your story was extremely moving and I'm glad it ended so well. You will miss her, but it seems you and she have always understood, that Love is the most important part of life -- and of any religious teaching.

    Warm hugs,


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