We are all so hurt here, thats why we post, please reveal your pain.

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  • In Between
    In Between

    Candidlynuts - I can feel your pain too. Mine was a little different in that I knew everybody in the circut. I was very outgoing and eve had 'privileges' in the hall. Even then, I was treated as an outsider. Like I've mentioned to others here, I thought Jesus taught that his true followers 'would have love among each other'. I think this in one major area the j.w. miss the boat.

    Restrangled - Sorry you're having a bad time right now. You have some people here that care. Unload anytime you need us. The depression can seem to have a death-like grip. I hope for your sake, and the others here that share, that we can be that source of refreshment to your soul :)

  • restrangled

    Dear Inbetween,

    Yes, all of you are refreshment to my soul. Thankyou for your responses. Sometimes the pain overwhelms real life. As hard as I try, sometimes I am too sad for my own good.

    Thanks to all.

    r. (amy)

  • Highlander

    My situation is so much easier than many posters here on this board.

    Quite simply I have 100+ relatives that are J-dubs. I see the 'truth' for the lie that it is and want to officially leave with a DA letter. In doing so I would lose all my family and I'm

    not willing to accept that at this point. So I live 2000 miles away from my nearest relative, which allows me to live my own life here, while pretending to be a fence sitter or spiritually

    weak in the eyes of my family. This allows me to still have them in my life but provide me with a measure of sanity not having to worship the WT in my regular life.

    My family thinks I'm somewhat active and this facade that I have is growing quite old. That is my pain. The 'truth' is forcing me to lie.


  • Dan-O

    About my only pain as it relates to the WTBS is that my sis & a couple of her kids & a few of her grandkids are still in. I wanted to whap my nephew upside the head when his daughter told me that she was going to home school so she had more time to pioneer. My brothers & my mother & cousins are all out now, thank G Hoover.

    However, I find that if I bend my arm repeatedly, such as after playing 36 holes of golf or a night of drinking beer, my elbow becomes stiff & sore. There's my real pain.

  • restrangled

    Dan-0 thats my son's name, Dan, and everyone calls him Dan-O because of his last name. Something to smile about anyway.

    Thanks for responding.

    I bet you are also called Dan the Man!


  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Hi restrangled,

    So many of us are in pain. It probably won't ever go away. But every one of us has a voice. Every one of us has something that brought us to this forum to share ourselves. Either they own us or we own ourselves. I guess my perspective on it is that every day something is going to hurt. Day to day I will feel pain. But for me I can also choose to see good. I have a stinky dog with the fuzziest neck I can burrow my nose into. I have thunderstorms I can watch out my window while I'm tucked into my sheets. There is pizza and beer and sunny days and music and sad poems and hugs and smells and photographs and conversations and stars.

    I didn't create things. I just want to be a participant. And do my best.

    Much love.


  • candidlynuts
    Dear Candidlynuts, you know what, had I known you, I would have been your friend, your struggle to be what everyone wanted is absolutely exhausting.

    Wish you would have been in my KH ...On the other hand I can be your friend now....I support you in all you do and a big hello and smile to you, I will watch for your posts.

    amy (restrangled)

    thank you amy! FBF.. you make a great point..

    But every one of us has a voice

    its great to have a place where your voice is heard.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Candidly my friend if I had to pick 5 of my favorite posters on here you would be in that list. You have always been right from the time I first opened the link to this forum and saw that avatar!!!!!

    NOw back to the threads subject. I have shared much but have decided not to sy anymore until I have had a chance to really evaluate these complaints and can know in my heart which things in my past I was truely an innocent victim and what I could have altered if I had listened to the voice inside.


  • candidlynuts

    thanks cabin... no one can resist the appeal of an emu......er...ostrich?.......big bird!!

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