New fundraising methods for the WTBTS!

by Gill 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Gill

    OK - Perhaps not that soft!

  • blondie

    My experience is that JWs have garage sales and keep the money for themselves. The only time I ever saw any do this was when a new KH was going to be built and the old one was small, worn out, with impossible parking space. They did not regularly have garage sales for general donations to the KH.

    It at least offsets the accounts that JWs will not buy anything at garage sales because they think it will be demonized.......I have never seen that in this area. I even know of sisters who go garage saling taking some tracts with them on a Saturday morning, so they can count their time.


  • LDH
    It was like you have a yard sale and you can use the money however you wanted. You couldn't call it a KH yard sale.

    Seeing as how we used to make fun of churches holding "Strawberry bazaars" and what not, no we did not ever hold a sale to benefit the KH.

    So now after this article a whole bunch of little children who want to make "god" happy will spend 9 hours trying to sell muffins and what not.....and these kids weren't eve truthful! You can bet they would have collected a buck-two-fifty if they had said it was for JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES.

    Teach 'em how to lie and then let em spend their whole Saturday lying for you.


  • Gill

    LDH - Exactly how I remember it, that other religions were ridiculed for this kind of behaviour.

    Wasn't it Rutherford who said that, in words more or less to the effect, if JWs ever had to resort to fundraising, they were finished?

    Anyone got an exact quote. I think it was to the effect that it would prove that Jehovah was no longer with the organization.

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