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  • willy_think

    Welcome (((Cordyc)))

    what do you think would happen to your mom if you moved to a place like MA or CA were you could be free to be gay? Don’t be ruled by guilt, She would not end up on the street. Do what you need to do to have the life you want. Your not going to get another chance at happiness in some other life, do it now, you have no other time.

  • wednesday

    Hi cordy

    I too was thinking that if most of the debt is credit card, sounds like a good time to visit a lawyer and inquire about bankruptcy. It could give her a new start. it is not a perfect answer, but neither is the prospect of nerver ending

    payments on high interest Credit cards.

  • CordyC

    I can be fairly open about being gay in NYC, so MA or CA wouldn't be an option for me.

    I shouldn't be unhappy- and I know it.....

    This organization always claims we will be happy in a spiritual paradise that we are living in right now.......yet neither my devout mother nor myself have ever felt that- is it because we're faithless?

    No- it's because it's a lie.


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