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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hello all.

    Ok I'm wondering if anyone here has ever had to deal with alopecia which is bascially loss of hair.

    The reason I ask is because we have noticed that our 6 year old daughter's hair seems much thinner. At first we thought it was just because she was getting ahold of the scissors and giving herself a trim. But we are both (her dad and I) noticing that it seems like its just plain thin and that there is hair in her bed in the morning when she gets up.

    I just noticed when she got out of the bath that it seems thinner at the root area. I am concerned and have made a call to her dr but they don't open til tomorrow morning. I have looked it up on the internet and she sort of fits the symptoms to alopecia and sort of not.

    Now this daughter of mine is the one with the Down Syndrome and unfortunately alopecia tends to be one of those things that can go along with it.

    What I am wondering is has anyone here ever had to deal with alopecia or had someone they know deal with it? IF so would you feel comfortable talking about the experience here or pm?

    We've taken to given her vitamins every day and are trying to make sure her nutrition is good. Don't know if there is anything else we can do.



  • pennycandy

    The only time I've seen spontaneous hair loss in a child was a toddler with two older siblings. She started losing her hair and went through a battery of tests. She had an excess of a certain vitamin or mineral; don't remember which one. Turns out her older sisters were sneaking her their multivitamins and she just had too much.

    I hope your daughter's situation resolves as easily.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Thank You Pennycandy for the reply.

    You know that is really good to know. I thought vitamin deficiency even, hadn't even occurred to me that it could be the opposite in some way.



  • jayhawk1

    Get a blood test or see a dermatologist. Alopecia Prematura is usually correctable.

  • damselfly

    A few years ago when my hormones were out of whack from extreme stress my hair thinned ALOT. I was worried it was never going to stop. (Thankfully it did and thickened up again)

    Does she feel stress easily?


    A thyroid problem can also cause this.


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Thank you Jayhawk!

    We aren't sure what kind of blood tests are available. But that is what we're going to ask the doctor for.

    Your post gives me much hope!!!!!!


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    You know another person in a pm mentioned thyroid.

    She is due for a thyroid test. People with Down's tend to have thyroid issues, on top of that it runs in my family. So that is I suppose a real possibility that I suppose I hadn't considered too much.

    Years back I was told I have Hashimotos Dis. But once I was on thyroid it was corrected, the last time I saw an endocrinologist he said I was fine and took me off. SO yeah, I guess my daughter would have a real possibility of that.

    As for stress.... Now a days in her life, I would say not really. A couple of years ago we had a problem and she experienced some serious stress, but now, she is doing really well.

    (thank you thank you thank you)


  • damselfly

    I just remembered, when our bodies are under stress the hair might not experience it for a few months because of the dormant phases of growth it goes thru. Usually within a few weeks (6 is sticking in my head for some reason) it will start to fill in again.


  • juni

    Yes BlackSwan.

    I was also thinking thyroid issue. Too little of the hormone causes weight gain and hair loss and sometimes skin sores.

    Good that you're taking her to the dr.

    Thinking of you and your daughter.


  • looking_glass

    Our receptionist has Alopecia and it is totally stress related. Her doc told her to either learn to lighten up or she would lose all her hair completely. She suffers with OCD, so it is not so easy for her to "lighten up". I think in her case it is a catch 22, she stresses in general and then started losing her hair which in turned caused her to stress which in turn caused her hair loss.

    I do know there are tons of DS sites out there (we recently took a case of a baby w/ DS and I have been having to do research on the subject) on the web. You should see if you can do a google advance search and see if there are any type of particular illness or process that causes hair loss in children w/ DS.

    Much luck in your search for answers.

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