Terrible "Local Needs" part--TRUST THE "SLAVE CLASS!"

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  • minimus

    I wonder whether or not the elders were told to make this your next local needs talk in the congregations. I bet the "direction" to the BOES is to follow up from the DC, encouraging the brothers to put their trust in the makebelieve "Slave".

  • Quandry

    For this to be a "local needs" part, there has to have been some sort of oooooh-apostate talk by one or more congregation members. When it gets to the point where there is a local need, it is usually because it is a concern of the elders and is becomming public knowledge. This talk lets the congregaion know there is danger about with this kind of thinking, and seeks to quash it immediately!!!

  • minimus

    Usually "local" needs is what it is but the Society has in the past instructed the elders to use a local needs part to deal with a Society bred issue.

  • undercover

    I remember when the local needs wasn't held once a month but once every few months. I don't know about anywhere else, but our elders were too lazy to get up a part on local needs so they always covered the WT article that was listed in the KM as a backup.

    But then somewhere along the way they started having one a month and elders were instructed to find a local need that needed covering, no falling back on mag articles, they had to find something to talk about.

    If there were no real problems and no DFings or reproofs the part would be held on meeting attendance or field service hours, always good for a local needs 'cause most congregations have problems with keeping their attendance up and their hours up.

  • greendawn

    What is certain is that the GB have never been chosen by the "anointed" as their reps they just appointed themselves to that position and in fact totally ignore and despise their ideas and wishes. To them the anointed mean absolutely nothing.

  • Borgia


    Interesting comment. I could not help think of the drama on the convention. This was about priest being appointed by men in power. Rather ironic, donĀ“t you think, considering the history of the Borg



  • VM44

    Don't you love it when the elders who have never studied the language start talking about the "meanings" of the original greek words used in the Bible?


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