Has there been new light on this?

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  • beautifulisfree

    Zoos are cruel punishment and a prison to animate. You would not want to go gawk at the animals. Watchtower, 11/15/49, p.349; Awake, 5/8/73, p. 18.

    Just wondering if they have had any new light on this subject...Can I turn in a witness to the local BOE if I see one at the zoo?? Or get called into the back room if I am seen there? OMG their rules are so funny!!

    "I am so sorry Bro. Nofun It was in a moment of weakness that I decided to go and look at the animals...I promise I'll never do it again"

  • lawrence

    Once upon a time one could gawk at them at Bethel, but with downsizing, one can only gawk at the biggest ballsiest printing press wasting paper on foolish comic strips of lions and bears playing with serpents and kittens.

  • carla

    1949? pre dfing time wasn't it? Current thoughts on zoo's?

  • carla

    oops, missed the 1973 date there. Were they too busy with 1975 coming to worry about jw's visiting zoo's?

  • rassillon

    No new light, My sister in law got DF'd for going to a zoo. They DF'd her kids too. All except one who didn't gawk....

  • carla

    rassillon, your kidding right? not really for going to a zoo?

  • rassillon

    me kid? who are you kidding?

  • glitter

    To be fair, they have got a point about zoos being miserable - and I bet they were worse back then than they are now.

  • SirNose586

    I agree, zoos can really just look like prisons. I'm privileged to live by some of the best zoos in the world. I suppose this article was stashed in the same corner as the "chess is evil" article in a long series of nutty moralizing...
    My grampa is an elder and has a zoo membership so no one pays attention to that.

  • smellsgood

    Animals are cute. Some are delicious too.

    "chess is evil" article in a long series of nutty moralizing..."

    smellsgood: was this due to the pieces being of monarchal and religious ummm..assignment? the bishop?
    did they ever speak out about "trivial pursuit" being a 'trivial pursuit' or perhaps get bent out of shape over twister. That crazy wonderful game that legitamizes brother wandering eyes leaning over/brushing up against, or straight up reaching through a sisters legs to reach the dot? I can imagine that pretty well.
    IMO clearly the most evil games are cranium, scrabble, or other games that rely on such grossly overrated things such as "intellect" or "knowledge." Since when should 'fun' hurt so much????


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