Would you still be a JW

by purplebunnyfoofoo 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • IronClaw

    No Way

  • calico


    Was your molester ever punished or exposed for what he had done?

  • Purza

    I was DF'd once and went back.

    Now that I am faded, I can honestly say I will never go back.


  • purplebunnyfoofoo

    Well the abuse took place in 1973 during the Chicago International Convention. My mom started studying in the spring and so this was our first ever convention.

    The brothers fiance was on the convention, she was a regular pioneer.

    It happened on the way home, on a bus full of witnesses for 4 hours. I never moved, never said anything. Then when we got to the KH onto a van to go back to our town he managed to set beside me and it continued. I was so naive...and in shock.

    It was in the following December I approached the only elder and told him about it. The end result was he was privately reproved and I was put on a years restriction from no socializing with the other girls. It was so unfair. And the warning was given to not tell anyone, nor my dad as he would kill the guy. The 'brother' tells me afterwards that 'I was a mature girl'. And he appreciated me speaking up.

    Then him and the sister were married, her not told of his behaviour of playing with little girls. Years later they divorced. I was in the town her parents lived many years later and just told the father what had happened back in 1973, and his only reply was, 'well you were the first of many'.

    The sister remarried, but the 2 sons they had were never right. They too had been abused.

    Just before I was dfed I found out he had been dfed and was reinstated and had married another 'sister'.

    It urks me to no end how a person tries their whole life to do things Jehovahs way and get kicked out by a group of men......and others, just do things over and over and keep on smiling.

    And this experience is only a small part of the jw adventure.

  • calico
    Then him and the sister were married, her not told of his behaviour of playing with little girls.

    Amazing--they never warned her

    I'm so sorry about what happened to you. This is one SICK organization

  • parakeet

    I was never DAed or DFed, but I wouldn't go back even if the dark clouds rolled back and a shining angel came forth with a flaming sword and a trumpet and said with a voice like thunder, "Parakeet, get back into the 'Truth' right now or your feathers will be toast!"
    Not noway, not nohow.

  • In Between
    In Between

    I was DF'd in 1990 ... ironically for something that had happend FIVE years earlier ... anyway ... was reinstated in 1992 ... fading for over 2 years now ... never going back ... that door is slammed shut!

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    ((((((((((((((((((((((purplebunnyfoofoo))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I'm sorry for what has happened to you. Have you considered (or maybe already have) posting your story on the silentlambs site? It is anonymous, and It can serve to help others now. Thank you for sharing it here. Our hearts hurt for you. My stomach is sick for you. I'm so ashamed of this religion.

    So if you had not been DF'd would you still be a JW, purplebunnyfoofoo?

    Sad Girl

  • lilybird

    purplebunnyfoofoo...Im so sorry what happened to you and that the lying cult of JWs allowed it to happen to you and other children as well.. They have a lot to answer for.I hope it will come soon.
    Just remember, They are the criminals here and you are the innocent victim. As more victims speak out , the truth of what the society really is will come out.
    I Dissasociated myself as did my husband 20 years ago as we were tired of the BS that went on there in the name of God.I would never go back or want to go back for any reason.

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