what jehovah's witnesses don't say today, apparantly

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  • pepheuga

    well if peaceful pete is right and they do still explicitly teach all that 'one true religion' stuff, then i fail to see how anybody can be so desperate to believe, that they are willing to accommodate such a stunning contradiction. no doubt there are a few million such folk though!
    ps, hi jimtx!

  • garybuss

    One of the first things I learned in my educational phase of recovery was the fact the Jehovah's Witness teaching ABOUT their behaviors and their actual behaviors don't match very often. In fact, I've noticed that I can just about invert whatever they say and be pretty safe. An example is the "loving organization" . . . My gosh! In my experience, they're about the most hating group on the planet.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They might not go out and say it, but try making that comment at a meeting. The elders would call an emerency jc there and then.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Brown blatently lied to the media. And, I'm sure he had no problem with it at all, condsidering, as others have pointed out, it's simply Theocratic Warfare. However, I wonder if he's read Proverbs 6:16. It doesn't make any concessions about Theocratic Warfare when it says, "There are six things that Jehovah does hate; yes seven things are destable to his soul:" Lying is one of them.


    What really burns me is that the first time I got DF'd my JC told me it wasn't because of my actions, which were "gross sins" in themselves or whatever, but it was BECAUSE I LIED, even reading me this scripture as a basis for my DF'ing. So What's with the double standard!? It pisses me off.

    Angry Girl

  • uriah

    This is no big deal for them. They are a psychopathic corporation. Why else would they be able to write about the horrors of Malawi (not allowing their 'dear brothers' to buy a party card and so suffer terrible persecution) and at the same time give the nod and a wink to 'our dear brothers' in Mexico bribing the authorities to obtain a cartillo saying they had done military service and were members of the reservist army (an automatic DAing offence). No doubt the GB sat down to a hearty breakfast whilst reading about the atrocities caused by their intransigence. I expect their thoughts went something like: 'Hmmm interesting, black people far away, if I can be arsed I might look up where Malawi is'; 'those scamps in Mexico, what will they get up to next - chuckle - I am looking forward to my next freebie - I mean upbuilding visit; there are some hot senoritas down there in those congos (do we still call them companies to get round the property laws, I wonder, chuckle' The cognative disonance spreads like a cancer throughout the whole corporation. The Borg from star trek, as they have been referred to, really is a good analogy.

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