"Oh that I should have to go thru this..."

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  • SirNose586

    That was one of the things that nagged at me. Why does the WTS still make reference to the "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!" talk when it was obviously wrong? It's so shameful.

    I know at least one sister like that. She wouldn't get herself checked out for this cancerous growth on her back. She doesn't make very much money to support herself and her daughter, and that probably is the main reason why she doesn't get herself checked out. But a big factor is that she's waiting on that New Order--oops, I meant New System--to heal everything.

  • isthisit

    I come from a long line of JW's, when my Grandmother died, i was sat having a beer with my dad (he is the PO) the day between the death and the funeral, we were talking about Grandma and Grandpa, what they got up to etc, and then he said something to me that i never expected to hear from him, "i remember being expressly told at an assembly that i would never have to bury my parents, the end was so close, and here we are, both dead within a year of each other, this means either the end is close or else everything i've believed in is bullshit". These words are verbatim (sic). He made a will the next day. It was funny, all my uncles and aunts said the same thing over the next day or two. Of course everything is now back to normal, but it was a chink i was never expecting to see.

  • Gill

    Hellrider - That is a very sad story. But it does remind me of my Aunt and Uncle. My Uncle found out he was going to die, though didn't seem to accept or understand it, only five days before he did die. I remember that haunted empty look of disbelief in his eyes. He didn't say anything but..... Then my Aunt died two years later. She was terrified! She had never ever thought she would die. After all she had done for Jehovah, going to the meetings, out in service etc What had she done wrong? Why her? Those were the things she kept repeating. Her anxiety was so severe, that it had not been seen in patients in our area before and was commented on by doctors. She was given morphine and anti anxiety meds but nothing subdued her total terror.

    JWs believe that when you're dead you're dead. That may, or may not be the case. For them it's a total certainty that unless they've 'done enough' they will not be back. Tomorrow, is the day the New System is always going to come. Of course, it never does.

    Confession - I loved that poem. When certain issues are sorted, I intend to send that to ever family member and JW that I once knew.

    geevee - That is a very sad story. I was replying to a topic yesterday, on how I had run into a JW family member who has shunned us for years. She is now forty. She has pioneered fanatically, since leaving school and is married to my Elder, cousin. She mentioned that she hoped she wasn't going to get broody now. I suspect, babies are on her mind. Perhaps she realises time is running out now. Maybe disillusionment is just beginning to set in.

    What a terrible thing the WTBTS beast really is!

  • Confession

    Gill, please do, with my compliments.



  • Gill

    Confession -Thanks! If only I could be a fly on the wall when they read it. They say the 'Truth hurts'. It seems that is truer than they know.

  • Hellrider

    Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Serendipity: Yes, I know, that is a valid point. I don`t know, maybe this illusion of immortality is good while you`re healthy and young. But when the illusion turns to disillution, I think it hits like a ton of bricks. I know it did to my mother, to the point that she had to block it out. Another of the things she said while on her deathbed was "well, it`s not like I`m dying, or anything !" (!!!). She was very good at lying to herself. But there was that one, little moment when reality hit her, and it hit her very, very hard. And that was a very sad thing to watch. I am pretty sure that it is better to go thru life being realistic enough to know that it is one day going to end.

    The problem is that the jws are working for a ticket! They are doing the downpayment for this ticket into paradise their whole life. Several people in this thread mentioned people who experienced the same thing as my mother, one mentioned a 55-yearold sister that gave up everything and pioneered her whole life, and never married. Then she got sick and died. All these people, my mother included, were paying for a ticket, and then the flight got cancelled in the very last minute. No refund. And they were so sure they were going to go that vacation in paradise and never return. At least normal people, including the rest of the christians, are aware that they have to go thru death. Christians believe there`s something after death, but they`re not expecting to never have to die. And so, they are never disillusioned. Even if there nothing after death, they won`t be disillusioned. Jws always, and only, get disilliusioned. Every time a jw dies, the WTS has another broken promise on their consciense, and they will also have on their conscience that they have increased the pain of the death moment.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Hellrider,

    : Jws, at least the jws of my mothers generation (you know, the generation that would never die...), truly believe(d) that they were never going to die. I assume even the young ones believe that too, because Armageddon is "right around the corner". And to me, this is abuse. When they then do get old, sick, dying, I believe it must come like a shock to them, even a stronger shock than to normal people.

    What an eye opener! To think they, as well as many here on this board, put stock in that despicable fairy tale. What I've found interesting regarding those who've wasted their time, and lived their life believing that false Watchtower doctrine, is that some who now have one foot in the grave, and the other on a bananna peel, will deny they ever believed such a thing. All in the hopes of making sense of having it so wrong for so long. What a destructive cult!


  • jgnat

    It just hit me with the baby boomer generation hitting retirement age in a few years, there are going to be a whole WHACK of disillusioned American JW's.

  • Confession

    You said a moutful, Jgnat.

    My brother is presently fifty-three and a JW elder. About six years ago, he went through a period of depression. It was very strange for our family since he has always been such an upbeat, cheerful character. When I had the chance to talk to him about it personally, he shared that he just realized he was getting older and that life was sort of passing him by.

    A lot of people like to relate a "mid-life crisis" to men buying sports cars and having an affair. But the reality is (for men and I suppose women too,) we hit a wall at some point. We feel our best years are behind us and that we may not have accomplished anything of note. That our lives may have been unfulfilled and meaningless.

    JW's don't let them feel this way consciously, but deep down, where reality resides, they may be feeling exactly the above. I think this is what happened to my brother who all his life had been working janitorial jobs to support he and his wife. He then decided to become a postal worker, and has been doing that for about the last six years.

  • stevenyc

    When my grandfather died back in the eighties, my family were shocked that he didn't make it into the new system, through armageddon. My grandmother went into depression and heart break, constantly asking Jehovah in prayer to explain why, up to her death, then doubly confused at how she wasn't going to see the new system by living through Armageddon.

    When my father died a few years ago, he was shocked that he was dieing before armageddon. My mother is still confused about this, and for the first time I hear her discussing her own mortality.

    This is all to common among the pre-baby boomers, and now the boomer generation too.

    Pretty sad.


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