How Many X-JWs Do You Know Who Don't Come on These Forums?

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  • Seeker4

    I was thinking about inviting a friend over for drinks this weeked. He's a former Witness like myself who no longer has any belief that the Witnesses had The Truth or anything close to the truth.

    As I thought about that, I realized, just from my own former congregation, I know at least a couple dozen X-JWs who left completely, and see the Witnesses as no better than any other religion and lots worse than most. Yet none of these folks are at all involved in sites like JWD or any of the other anti-Witness sites. Of course I also know dozens more who are out, but who may still have some belief, may feel that the Witnesses have "The Truth" or are the closest thing to it, or who may attend the Memorial, etc. I'm not counting these.

    I'm not sure how many X-JWs are members here, or who are lurkers, but just imagine multiplying that number by 20 or 30 or more, and you begin to realize what an army of anti-Witnesses there are - though most are not active.

    Any ideas on how to get more of these folks involved? I know many have no interest in it, but some might. Do any of you have similar numbers of X-JW friends?


  • Confession

    I was thinking the same thing recently, Seeker. Over the weekend I was able to meet up with eight other Ex-JWs, but discovered that--out of nine of us--only three are very familiar with--and are contributors to an Ex-JW message board like this one. Kind of surprised me, but I came to the same conclusion you did: there are no doubt a LOT more of us out here than we realize.

    These people all had GREAT stories to tell, and I suggested this would be a great place to tell them.

  • Quandry

    Because my family was so recently "in" and my husband was an elder, I had no idea there were sites like this. I do not begin to personally know anyone who is an ex-jdub. But since the Society says that about 60,000 are disfellowshipped each year, and about half return, that must make for many people-most of them in the U.S.--that are former JWS. I wonder where they all are? I wonder if I will meet any or any of you?

  • restrangled

    I have 12 first cousins out, all raised from birth as JW's. I just hooked up 2 of them to an all women xjw site. For all I know someone on here could be one of my cousins. :)


  • daystar

    Outside of people on JWD and one other forum, the only ex-JWs I know are my sister and her family.

  • misanthropic

    I used to know several, but most of them went back. So now no one on a personal level.

  • mouthy


  • purplebunnyfoofoo

    I don't know any xjws. Be nice to meet up with some.

  • damselfly

    I don't know any outside of this place.
    When will more Nova Scotians join me?!


  • Balsam

    Shoot I know a bunch of ex witness, but only one is even on these boards. I can think off the top of my head of at least 25. Some don't even have computers.

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