Reading 'apostate' sites? - Can you be disfellowshipped?

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  • Zico

    I would like to make it aware to some friends that I have read some 'apostate' sites, so I can share my doubts with them. I'm hoping that they'll keep what I tell them to themselves, but what I was wondering is, if I did this could I risk getting disfellowshipped if my friends told the elders? All my family and friends are still very much a part of the Organisation, and so I am not ready to be shunned yet. Are the Society so afraid of apostates, that the mere act of looking at apostate sites is deemed a disfellowshippable offence? Or is it possible that I could get away with this without little problem?

    Thanks for your help!


  • rebel8

    The official rules about what you can be DFd for (which local elders may follow or not at their whim) are listed in a book called Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock, available at To answer your question, yes, you can be DFd for reading "apostate" material in any format.

    You could try saying you have doubts about stuff the organization has done or things they have printed in their literature. However, just mentioning that to other JWs could get you labeled "apostate".

    If you want to try that route has some brochures on the activism page.....they would be good source material for you--try the UN brochure and the "bizarre medical myths" one. The 2nd one proves they are not inspired by an infallible God.

  • daystar

    Hooo no! You very much risk being disfellowshipped. Esp. since you've actually joined this board and have posted several times. If your BOE is particularly liberal, you might have a chance should it come forth. But the real problem would be that you shared this information with others in your congregation.

    Others here likely have more and better information than I do. Good luck!

  • beautifulisfree

    Yep- you can be disfellowshipped. I am sure plenty of people will cut and copy the information from the society on here for you....They are so afraid because they don't won't people to know the truth about the truth....thats why they make people so scared to even come on these 'apostate' sites....for fear that they will be disfellowshipped/shunned.

  • Confession


    I'll just say you're treading on very dangerous ground. It is possible that a trusted friend might not say anything to anyone else about it. But the WTS is so effective at making them think that turning you in is the righteous and loving thing, there's a strong chance they'll do this.

    If the elders approach you about it, their primary interest will be in determining if you are beginning to doubt the authority of the Society. If, after that conversation, you are not satisfactorily "repentant" about having such thoughts or going to such sites, they may move to DF you.

    If you succeed in convincing them that it was only a temporary "weakness," then you should be okay--but you can bet they will be grilling you about this stuff from time to time. In which case you either have to be prepared to lie to them, or tell them the truth and (very likely) be DFd.

  • undercover

    You can be disfellowshipped for speaking against the Faithful and Discreet Slave.

    If you read "apostate" sites and share this info with your JW friends rest assured that sooner or later one of them will rat you out to the elders and the elders will most assuredly set up committee meetings with you. It will be under the guise of trying to help you, but if you insist on being troublesome to them, they will seek to shut you up.

    Most JWs, friend or not, are not going to listen to anything negative that you have to say about the WTS. Some may warn you to tread lightly, some might be curious, but some will be scared and when scared they run to the elders.

    I'd be careful about how you share "apostate" info with any JWs if you're worried about being DFd and shunned at this particular time. It's tough to not want to let them know they're being fooled, but for your own protection you have to take it slow and easy. After a while you'll realize that it's better to save yourself at first and worry about the others later, and by then you'll see that most of them do not want to be helped.

  • bebu

    Maybe you can frame this in terms of trying to help answer a "householder's" question (be ready to find someone to play that part for you, if your friends wish to know who is asking). Then, any problems are not yours, but another's. And that person can ask!

    "A householder told me I didn't know history well. He says that the temple was destroyed in 586, not 607 BCE. I haven't been able to find any sources for 607 yet. Can you let me know where a good resource for him might be?"

    You don't have to scratch too far down to plant a seed. And sometimes, less is more.


  • Confession
    Maybe you can frame this in terms of trying to help answer a "householder's" question

    That's a great suggestion, Bebu.

  • Zico

    Thanks for your quick answers everyone! I will have to be careful then, I think I will try your suggestion Bebu. Thanks!

    I never knew the elders had their own book either. Do they all have one? I will have to read this at some point, it seems very interesting.


  • Confession

    Yes, Zico, all elders are given the book. It's official title is "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock." We also used to refer to it as the KS91. Here's a quick link to it...

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