NOW AVAILABLE! Live With Jehovah's Day in Mind - in PDF file format

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    Oh, yeah, THNAKS

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    "The Bible outlines steps for settling differences, even a sin against a brother. Still, it is often best just to overlook the error or the offense, to 'pass over transgression.' Ask yourself: 'Might this be one of the 77 times that I should forgive him?' Why not simply forget it?'" (Live With Jehovah's Day in Mind, P. 114 par 7, WTB&TS 2006)

    I'm sure the elders will consider this text before convening court and disfellowshipping fellow Witness brothers and sisters. Not!

  • Balsam

    Thanks know it was a heep of work scanning all that but sure do appreciate it.

    I read through it was astonished how little Jesus role is talked about. Mainly the last few chapters only. Why in the heck do they need to refer to the prophets to keep the JW's in line. Always making JW feel separate and apart from the so called wicked world. The exclusivity the Jew's felt for their religion used to make JW's feel separate from other Christians.

    I had to laugh though when it was talking about Hosea having to take back Gomer after she had been whoring around and he was to forgiver her. That was used in an example to get the witnesses to stay in their marriages. LOL Made me want puke on their shoes. LOL

    God I love reading this stuff now because I can so clearly see it for what it is. It is so amazing if you can sit down and read this like you would from say an agnostic perspective or even a say a traditional Christian stance. It is so clearly slanted to make the JW feel they are a select group that only God approves. It's based on a date they hate to explain but only they know about. Then this special group who leads the organization. Good grief mind control at its best.

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    Thanks Drew! I bookmarked it for later.


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    Thanks Drew.

    My fav was the section about forgiveness. That is classic. The book fails to also mention that when the Israelites left Egypt there were others that left w/ them, so why would that not happen again at Armo. If you believe in the Bible and what it contains (which JWs do), why would god do anything different considering back then he spoke directly w/ his peeps and he had a direct link to them thru his prophets who spoke to him (unlike the elders who claim to have a direct link to him when in reality it is just those headcases that hear voices in their head and claim to be having conversations with god).

    However, elders almost never say that after their discussion and prayer did they find it necessary to forgive the transgressor. Rather it is "tell us all the dirty details. okay leave now so we can pray over it." And then, you are DF'd!

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    > can host it for free, and they offer unlimited downloads.



    ADDENDUM: Except uploading to doesn't work!

    One gets a php script error when trying to upload (or even download) anything at!

    Technology is great, when it works!

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    Drew - Thank you for posting this!
    You have to wonder sometimes, just what audience are they seeking? If it's a study book, it's going to be a good litmus test to weed people out at the very start who won't buy the b/s. my 2 cents

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    Thanks Drew.

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    Thanks a lot for posting it.

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