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  • sir82

    Oh, ya'll are gonna love this one (copied & pasted as sent to me, I added a few more breaks to make it easier to read, otherwise untouched):

    We had approx. 5000-6000 thousand in attendance, this was in Huntsville Alabama.
    ( This is most likely not word for word but it is very close)

    A young sister( I believe about 11 or 12) was in the field service with the DC tract work, she came to this door and offered the tract to
    this man he took the tract looked at it and said that this really sounds interesting and that he would like to come, he then proceeded
    to ask this her, how is everyone able to take Friday off from work? She responded by telling him that everyone asks their employer for
    that day off, he responds to her and says, what if the employer doesn't allow for the Friday off, she responds, then they just quit
    there jobs and go anyway, (everyone chuckled at this point) so the householder says, OK, I'll ask my employer for the day off and if he
    says no then I'll just quit, because I really want to go and hear what is to be said.

    When the household goes back to work and proceeds to ask for that Friday off he also tells his employer that if thats not
    going to work then he was just going to quit( imagine the thought of the employer) well his employer tells him ,just wait a minute that
    can't happen you are too good of an employee to just quit, so I am going to do you one better, I am going to give not only Friday off but
    also Thursday so you can make all the needed preparations necessary to attend all 3 days. He was there all 3 days. WOW (everyone clapped
    very loud and long time)

    Now the speaker says brothers it gets even better,so everyone stopped clapping to hear the conclusion of this
    experience. Well the sister went back to the householder to make arraingements to save him a seat and meet up with him at our
    convention , he asked her if it would be allright if he invited a few of his friends and relatives, the sister of course said yes and asked
    how many so she could have enough seats


    He told her that he had 30 people that will be coming with him for ALL 3 DAYS WOW isn't that wonderful, this little sister says oh my
    I CAN"T SAVE THAT MANY! He says I know, but thats just fine we will find our own. So all 30 of them made hotel reservations and was able
    to come all 3 days. Well you think the clapping was loud and long before, well honey it rocked the house when the speaker ended this by

    Can you just imagine the congregation this sister goes to , the follow up will deffinitely be interesting.


    anyone else's BS-o-meter going ringy-ding-ding?

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    *sigh* I can't roll my eyes far enough back in my head for that one.

  • crazyblondeb

    Not only did the BS meter explode, but the tall boots I'm wearing aren't tall enough to wade around in all the manure!!

  • r51785

    If this was real they would have brought all 30 up to the stage to show them off. Is there no end to the amount of lying that is required to be "in the truth?"

  • blondie

    I doubt that the experience happened in that district. The WTS has such a dearth of "experiences" that they now call them re-enactments when either the person relating it had no direct part in it or it happened in another circuit or district. That could be why they did not have 30 people on that stage.

    Another trick is to tell an experience that has been related in the publications years ago and make it seem like it was a recent experience.

    Listen carefully for the "experiences" and see how often they use the word "re-enactment."


  • candidlynuts

    i have a friend who went to the huntsville assembly..i'll see if they heard the experience.

  • acsot

    yup, it's making the rounds here in Canada also. I received it from a dub "friend" who probably thinks I need the encouragement . It just makes me feel sorry for them, needing stuff like that to keep 'em plodding along down a dead-end street.

  • Synergy

    BARF! Hey, I just ate!

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    The old quit your job for Jehovah tactic ... been there, done that. I should be a VP by now had I not listened to that garbage .

  • wannaexit

    I got this email sent to me too. I wonder who made this one up.

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