See you next convention, or in the new system!

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  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    2.00PM Notice The People Returning To Their Seats Late? Woe To Them, For They Did Not Take Heed Of The 2PM Return Time.

    2.30PM More Gossip About People Sat Near You.

    Part One: Just How Many Cups Of Coffee Did That Man Consume?

    Part Two: Take Your Eyes Off That Short Skirt And Listen.

    Part Three: Discipline The Child Drawing In His/Her Notepad.

    PRICELESS! I especially like the child and the notepad comment. Boy, is that dead-on or what LOL!

    I'm so glad I don't have to go to conventions anymore. What a blessing to be free from JW's and that dooms-day lifestyle.

  • daystar

    [email protected] Sweet tea!

    What a blessing

    It is indeed a blessing!

  • silentWatcher

    The International Day of Peace


    not likely -- the UN declared 1986 the International Year of Peace...

    Everyone kept speculating that this was the cry of peace and security, but the WT never made a statement of record...


  • moomanchu

    I remember the WT backed off end of world stuff before and around the new millenium.

    I think they pulled out all the stops and started the old rhetoric again.

    It's a sure fire method to light a fire under the dubs arses.

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