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  • Stephanus
    Is this going to become a "masturbation" thread?

    It depends how many times you repeat the woprd, I guess.

  • james_woods

    On embassaramament - While it will take some great research scholarship to ever find it again,

    Way back in the 60s, there was one of those little fluff mini-pieces in the back of the Awake (maybe in "watching the news") or something...

    It spouted forth that "NASA scientists" had been studying the motions of the earth, moon, and stars. They were severely puzzled by the fact that "a few earth hours" were missing. However, one of the scientists was a bible reader. He went home and found several places where Jehovah had sort of held the sun up in the sky to let the Israelites kill on their enemies a little longer. Amazingly, this turned out to be the exact number of missing hours, and the mystery was solved. So then, by advice from the scriptures, they could get on with the Apollo program.

    I was about a 14 year old kid when I read this, but I knew enough about astonomy to realize that there is no way to reference "missing days" from many hundreds of years ago. I was severely embarrased to see this in Jehovah's inspired news tabloid.

    The interesting thing is, that I have since seen this little piece of fundie legend several times over in various "born again" literature and on the internet. Apparantly, some JW editor picked it up way back then from such a source and had a little white space to fill in the back of the awake.

    Then again, there was that horrible article on "natural childbirth" where natural mothers were advised to "squat and grunt" during delivery. It also had some fascinating detail on breast feeding, as I recall...


  • BluesBrother

    I always thought that this was a classic title for a WT article..


    8/1 p. 26 "Sex Without Marriage—Why It Hurts"

    Also , all those covers that pictured the negative side of the argument, The householder would assume that we were promoting that, instead of "The kingdom" - I have been chased away by people who thought that I was from a Nuclear disarmament group ( cover had a mushroom cloud) and then the man who took exception to a title about homosexual priests - he thought we were a couple of them..

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