My Past Couple Weeks In Pictures...

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  • purplesofa
    At Work... LOL

    whats your work?

  • OpenFireGlass
    were you SMOKING the burning bush?

    you really don't know the answer?

    At Work... LOL
    whats your work

    Well, most of the time, I'm a full time glass artist.... But when the economy is jacked, I do land managment for private individuals (fortunately, we had a really bad winter this year, and a lot of trees fell on the roads/fire-roads, up in the mountians)...

    It's a nice break from creating art. I also tend to appriciate my creative side when I go back to glass-blowing, after doing hard work for several months of the year....

  • purplesofa
    I'm a full time glass artist....

    do you have a site of your glass.

    I have a friend that works as a ranch hand caring for 55 acres in Calistoga in the wine country.............abosolutely beautiful there. I went to work with him several days when i was visiting..........and although he worked hard it was enjoyable.

    thanks for sharing the pics.


  • damselfly

    Pure gorgeousness.


  • codeblue

    Awesome pics!!!

    I have some taken similiar to that on a back trail from Monterrey...........I miss the west coast scenery!!!

  • Ms. Whip
    Ms. Whip

    What OFG didn't tell you was his "camping trip" was actually a secret rendezvous with

    "Sunshine33" a beautiful girl he had met online and had been corresponding with.

    Unfortunately, "Sunshine" got cold feet and sent Funshine Bear on the plane instead.

    When OFG showed up at the airport, he was pleasantly surprised.

    Funshine Bear was so much more than he expected.

    She was a playful bear who really knows how to be funny and to have fun.

    She worked hard to make sure OFG had a good time.

    Funshine told OFG how their special camping place reminded her of her cloud-land home of Care-a-Lot.

    As she layed dreamingly in his arms under the stars, she told him about a star-speckled, rainbow-trimmed, cotton candy, cloud world that's as brightly beautiful as a summer sunset and as snug and loving as a mother's hug.

    Sadly, Funshine has yet to receive an email from OFG after the trip.


  • OpenFireGlass

    aawwww.... I think I made Ms.Whip jealous... you know I tried to get hold of you first?...

  • Purza

    I would say Northern California too. 1. We have the fog; 2. The hills are still green.


  • OpenFireGlass

    I would say Northern California too. 1. We have the fog; 2. The hills are still green.



  • misanthropic

    That's incredibly beautiful. There isn't really anything around nearly as breathtaking as that! You're lucky.

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