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  • juni

    papajohn was just deleted for deceiving all of us and trash talking some kind people.

    I don't know how someone can sign on as a newbie, have loving greetings come their way, ask questions and receive well thoughtout answers and then turn like a snake and say disgusting things to those that have wished them well.

    I am glad that this mean-spirited person is gone. I have feelings of betrayal like I experienced w/God's so-called organization.

    Peace to all of you ones with honest intentions. And thank you forum assistants for handling it quickly.


  • nicolaou

    Hmmm, I missed what happened. The way I see it is that we get very few jerks around here lately. If one slips in from time to time it's no big deal. This site is a reflection of a certain slice of humanity and some humans are just not nice.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I saw that thread, just before it was quite rightly deleted, and I agree with you totally juni. Thankyou moderators.

  • Robdar

    Juni, nothing surprises me anymore. If anything, it just confirmed my suspicions about the guy. He was mean but now he is gone. You are safe here, dear.

    The forum assisstants are awesome, aren't they? Good job, Scully!

  • nicolaou

    Most are though.

  • AuldSoul

    ((juni)) we go on...

    "Barney Muldoon" gets his jollies this way. Pretty pathetic, really.

    It's like walking into the burn ward of a hospital pretending to have 2nd degree burns and then showering everyone with mace and running out laughing raucously just because he's so cool like that.

    There's little hope he will ever grow out of it.


  • magoo

    ...he was rather nasty wasn't he

    good job on the clean up on isle 75


  • Poztate

    "papajohn" turned out to be downright ugly,a troll and a former poster Barney muldoon. I wish to thank the mods for their prompt action in the deletion of this poster.The downside is that it is far too easy to set up a bogus account and do this. Is their any way a newbie could be restricted at least for a period of time in their posts? It might sound harsh but I sure didn't like what I saw when this out of control person got going.

    The way I see it is that we get very few jerks around here lately. If one slips in from time to time it's no big deal.

    Way more than that went on. You had to be there and we don't need it here.

  • free2beme

    An easy solution to me, would be to not allow multiple accounts. If someone has one, have a warning that will not allow them to come back on when the IP address is the same, without special permission ... example, a spouse or other family member wanting to come on under a different name. Also, banning people never works. Once banned, they come back with a little more anger and desire to cause problems. You know it is sad to say, but once anyone organization or group gets to any size, it will take on similar characteristics of the Society. It has nothing to do with Bible teachings, it has to do with trying to keep some sort of order and no Chaos.

  • nicolaou
    Way more than that went on. You had to be there

    Really? Well I don't know any of the details and clearly they shouldn't be retold here but damn I'm curious!

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