Are fireworks legal where you live?

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  • free2beme

    We went out and bought about $100 worth for tonight and are going to have fun. I know that in many places they are not legal, as I used to live in California and they were a major "no no" unless done by a professional presentation. Here they are legal, as long as they are not something that leaves the ground or launches. It makes for some fun, and something to make the forth of July a little more enjoyable. Were safe, and do not light them in stupid locations. Is anyone else lighting them up tonight?

  • mouthys_gdaughter

    my boyfriend bought $50 worth of fireworks for saturday night which was our Canada Day celebration. they're mostly legal here i think.. we lit them off in our backyard but im not sure THAT'S legal. we jus made sure they wouldn't go into anyone else's yard, or into any trees or debris on the roof as to light it on fire ;)

    it was a pretty good time :)

    here's a picture of my boyfriend before he lit one off.... excuse the crudeness :)

  • Undecided

    My wife's house was burned down by a fireworks that went into the attick from outside the house. There was ice on the road and the fire truck couldn't get up the hill to help put it out. She was a teenager at the time.

    Ken P.

  • blondie

    Certain types all the time, certain types never, certain types only under certain controlled, licensed conditions.


  • free2beme

    Well, firework accidents tend to be linked to human responsibility. We have an all cement area, a hose near by and even a bucket of water. Only adults are allowed to light them and we keep the children at a safe distance. So we follow safe guidelines. As I also mentioned, they are land based and can not launch or leave the ground.

  • barry

    We only have fireworks here in Australia for the Queens birthday holiday other times they are only sold with a licence

  • free2beme

    If the queen dies, do they change the date for this holiday or is it like our Preidents Day in the USA where it is one day to honor all Presidents and never changes?

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    In the UK, the time for fireworks is around November 5th - Guy Fawkes night, and New Years Eve.

    High street shops are only allowed to sell them within 2 weeks (I think) of the night and its illegal to set them off after 11pm (but nobody takes much notice of that one!). The government passed these laws a couple of years ago because use was getting excessive - people setting them off for even the 'smallest' celebrations and using the big display sized fireworks, it was becoming a year round thing.

    Strange that the Queen's b'day seems to be a bigger event in Australia! Well, I suppose she gets to troop the colours on her official birthday here.

  • lonelysheep

    Um....I think so! It seems that way since many people light them on a holiday like today. I used to enjoy the sparklers.

  • Purza

    Nope. They got the voters to ban them here about three years ago. I could go to the next town over if I really wanted to light some, but I have no desire. There is a fireworks show here in about an hour -- it is in walking distance and we may go. Right now, bed is sounding really good.


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