4th of July

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  • seahart

    HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY!!!!! I just made my reservations at the emergency room, so I won't be stuck in the lobby for hours listening to all that crying and whining. S.

  • confusedjw

    LOL - have them give you a little something extra in the IV for when you show up with alcohol poisoning and dry heaves

  • seahart

    No waiting around for me! I can get in, have my fingers & hand reattached,and get right back to the blowing stuff up. God, I LOVE this country!! S.

  • seahart

    Papaj, From reading your post I can tell you are a product of the public school system. I think you should read a REAL history book and then come back to earth. Respectfully, S.

  • 4JWY


  • DannyHaszard

    4th of July

    2 hours ago by Anthony
    But as one of Jehovah's Witnesses I look around and see how brothers and sisters
    are walking way or taking a ... You then suddenly realise that this is just
    happening with Jehovah's Witnesses but this is happening all over Christendom. ... Reflections - http://amathenia.blogspot.com

    Are some active JW's thinking? [...I honestly wept over a recent Watchtower study article that presented a new teaching that the Cities of Refuge in the Hebrew Scriptures represent the organization and not Jesus' life-saving sacrifice. When they reject or downplay the basis for forgiveness by what basis can they be forgiven?

    Father, how long can such gross disrepect and idolotry stand?

    I have prayed that judgment be held off to give my brothers and sisters time to wake up and repent. I just don't know if there is enough time. I guess I need to hope and pray. I only hope that the organization's apostasy will continue to worsen just so it will become intolerable for Christians to be a part of it. ...]

  • merfi

    Hey Seahart! I'm working this evening, so if you happen to blow anything off or need a bag of fluid, stitches etc in Iowa, I'll let you right in our ER!

    Happy 4th!!

    1st Independent Indepence Day!

  • juni

    Heh Merfi-

    Do you get paid double time today?

    Love ya,


  • seahart

    Merfi, Thanks. I hope I don't have to take you up on that. Seattle is a long way from Iowa,Figi? S.

  • merfi

    Hey Juni,

    Nah, 1.5x plus evening shift diff. woo hoo. July 4th is always NUTS at my hospital. Crazy drunk people, blowing parts up and eyes out... gotta love it. :)

    Seahart -- Fiji is my JWD hideout... I'm really in Iowa. And yeah, I know it's a ways from Washington... I was just reaching out to my apostate brother. lol

    ...really just kinda miffed that I can't join the festivities today...

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