What is the name of the Holy Spirit?

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  • purplesofa

    sometimes I call it the heebie jeebies....

  • fairchild

    LOL I was going to say the same thing. My neighbour used to call them Daddy Junior and Spook.

  • mouthy

    Would you not admit that is what GOD does also???? in fact all of THEM do >console ...
    I love you sweetie,,, & know how hard it is to believe in the three in once concept. But I find that SO understandable . How else are we made in HIS IMAGE????Please tell.

  • mouthy

    The above was an answer to Frank

  • fjtoth

    Hi Grace,

    I haven't stated here whether or not I believe in the Trinity. All I'm saying is that I prefer to give the Holy Spirit the name that Jesus gave. As you know, "Trinity" is a word nowhere found in the Bible, so surely we're not going to find anywhere in the Bible that the name of the Holy Spirit is "The Trinity." I have no objection if others want to call each member of the Trinity by the name "The Trinity," but in all honesty I believe that distorts things. The Father is never called "The Trinity" anywhere in the Scriptures, and neither is Jesus. So I wonder why anyone would want to say that the name of the Holy Spirit is "The Trinity."

    I'm not making rules for anybody else, just giving my "humble" opinion.


  • fjtoth
    How else are we made in HIS IMAGE????Please tell.

    Hi again Grace,

    The doctrine of the Trinity is that there are three PERSONS within the Godhead. If we are in God's image in that sense, then there ought to be three PERSONS within each of us, each with a separate mind, body, spirit, will, emotions, etc. That's something that is taught neither in the Bible, in science textbooks nor, for that matter, by commen sense. So, I have to confess that the concept is something beyond me.

    Scholars who attempt to prove the Trinity have never used the argument that each of us is THREE DISTINCT PERSONS WITHIN ONE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN such as the Trinity is said to be THREE DISTINCT PERSONS WITHIN ONE INDIVIDUAL GOD.

    If each of us is a Trinity because we have body, mind and spirit, then what about each PERSON within the Trinity? Does each have a body, mind and spirit? I think you know where sound reasoning takes us: Three persons composed of three persons makes a total of nine persons within the Trinity, not three.

    Again, I have nothing against persons who want to view the Trinity in the above way. It's just that I wouldn't want to be grasping at straws for support of what I personally believe. I'd rather accept what the Bible plainly says rather than invent a theory or illustration that can be shot full of holes because it's obviously so weak.

    Love ya,


  • mouthy

    So, I have to confess that the concept is something beyond me.

    No confession needed sweetie.... If it is beyond your conception nuff said I believe I am 3 in one & they are also.... I have a body, soul, spirit. We know folks saw the BODY of God - in Jesus- The Holy Spirit moves upon the earth (Genisis)& I believe Father is the Soul.... Just differance of opinions (((HUG

  • peacefulpete

    I think its worth mentioning that the passage in question is generally viewed as an interpolation (addition) to the text of Matthew or if the passage was original it did not contain the words in discussion. At best it may have read:

    "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me..Go and make disciples unto Me among all the nations, baptising them in My name, teaching them to observe all things I commanded you."

    Didache 7:1-3 (60-140) was likewise embellished by Catholic editors.

  • moomanchu
    The expression "Stop in the name of the Law," does not mean the Law has a specific name. Likewise, Matt. 28:19 is not referring to a specific name.

    Would this apply to the father and the son also? Something don't quite jive here.

  • daystar

    Names are human mental constructs. Nothing has an actual name. Without a person to name a tree, "tree", it has no name.

    In other words, the power is not in the name itself, or lack thereof, but in how it affects our psyches.

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