Did you have a Witness approved car?

by free2beme 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • happy1975

    Yup, I did then and I do now. I have an old four door Volvo that I LOVE. It's too hard to get a screaming, protesting 17 month old into/out of a two door car so I guess I'm stuck with a family-mobile for the time being.


  • merfi

    Um, that would be a big fat no. HELL no, even. I drive a jeep. A two-door (when they're on), topless (the JEEP!) blue piece of heaven that is my therapy. And I got hassled about it endlessly... "Sister, have you thought of getting something more "practical?"" "No, Brother Buick. Practical would be demonstrated when I have to pull your 4-door out of a snow-drift..."


  • hartstrings

    My first car at age 16 was a Chevrolet Chevette 4-dr, LOL, so I could aux pion in the summer months of course. Every car after that has always been a four door because I had children when I left. However, now that I've been out long enough to actually make a decent living, I'm considering either the Mini Cooper Convertible or the Toyota Solara Convertible. Since I've been a little girl, I've always wanted a convertible and time is a wasting...



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