Did you have a Witness approved car?

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  • free2beme

    When I was a Witness, I was told that a responsible Witness purchased a car that was able to be used in field service. As an example, it would have four doors to allow easy entry for a car group of 4 to 6 people. It was something that was not to showy, meaning it was not a Lexus or something that would make it seem that Witnesses were materialistic, especially when working a poor part of the community. It did not have anything that drew to much attention, no flashing paint jobs or decals, etc. As these were not vehicles that a religious minded person would drive in to share the word of God.

    As a Witness, I owned cars like this at times. What is funny, is a month before leaving for good, my spouse and I purchased a two door sports care with no back seat. People were very upset with us, even had one older woman tell us that we should look into taking it back. That was a fun car though, even though we did sell it in time to get a SUV to help tow our boat. I just loved all the negative reactions the people in the congregation gave us. Yet, where in the bible does it say what kind of car you should drive?

    Did you have a Witness approved car?

  • loosie

    I got a two hatch back for my first car. ( I didn't have daddy's help to buy a car).

    Some sister said to me "don't you want a 4 door for service?"

    I said I can't afford one, If the congo wants me to have a 4 door car then they can make up the difference in price.

  • JH

    Often I bought what was expected of me. 4 door car for the service.

    One day I came back to a 2 door small car, and they didn't like it.

    How silly this is when you think about it, as if our cars belong to the Watchtower.....

  • shar212

    Wow! I did not know this.

  • free2beme

    The people who went in field service with you, sure liked to treat the car as if the society owned it. I remember garbage being left in the back, food, and even on one occasion some lipstick stained into the material.

  • blondie

    In our area, no one minded if you had a 2-door car...they are cheaper. The only time there was any flutter was when it was an expensive 2-door car.

    There was more concern about cars that did not run well, dripped oil on the parking lot, or weren't clean.

    People who had minivans found that their vehicles were popular...could get lots of people in it.

    I found that the people who had the least money were the ones who offered me gas money. The more affluent seemed to think my car ran on air and that I was related to the Rockefellers.


  • Cellist

    Well, we had a 2 door car the whole time we were JWs. But it was a big car and hauled alot of people around in service and to meetings. So we were never given any flack for it. We now have a 4 door. For the ease of hauling a cello. They don't bend to get into back seats very well.


  • TresHappy

    In my revolt after I left the WT, I would drive my 2-door car and dump my trash into the KH parking lot. There was such a feeling of glee!

  • Highlander

    When I was active, I had unapproved vehicles. Jeep, motorcycle, etc. now that I'm inactive, strangely enough I have a 4 door J-dub approved vehicle.

    And yes, it was expected that j-dubs buy 4 door vehicles or larger to handle the car groups. I agree with a previous poster, if you are expected to pay more for a

    j-dub approved vehicle, then that vehicle should be sponsored, or partially sponsored by the kingdumb hall.

  • serendipity

    Not until I got df'd.

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