Dub email exchange r.e. Crackdown on outside food in D.C.

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  • Poztate
    Oh, FFS, Watchtower! Just ALLOW the concession stands to open! You seriously think that people who've had to provide everything themselves are suddenly gonna get real generous near the donation box? Well fed, content people who've had an enjoyable conference experience are FAR more likely to cough up for your cause.

    I just hope they have to open the BEER concessions as well. I might have to take in a few sessions then...HIC

    The real control thing that annoys me is not "allowing" dubs to leave at lunch time to go out for lunch. I make sure after the sessions to tell my wife were I had lunch out while she was eating her soggy sandwich and half cold coffee.

  • Scully
    The real control thing that annoys me is not "allowing" dubs to leave at lunch time to go out for lunch.

    If there's one thing that proves that JWs have been stripped of their basic freedoms, it's this.

    Imagine JWs being told that they aren't "allowed" to go out to eat a meal in any other venue, with any other organization, and there would be hell to pay. Mind you, they've put up with papered-over mirrors in the washrooms at assemblies for at least 20 years, and "Out of Order" signs on perfectly functioning vending machines in the same venues for at least 10 years... what's being told to bring your own sandwiches and drinks compared to being subjected to Jehovah's Wrath™ at Armageddon™?

  • LDH
    I can't see their motives for banning external food and drink unless it is economic, apparently they don't want to lose on the profits they make from food sales.

    Yep. Sensei Scully is right. I posted on another thread about the way the vendor arrangements work--

    It wouldn't actually cost the "Society" another penny to have the Concessions Vendor open and sell food.When concessioners open for an event, they stay open during the whole event.

    Could you imagine the WT trying to dictate that they only sell food at a certain time of day? No one would even be in their freaking seat, what with going to buy low quality nachos and what not.

    What it would do is take the attention off of the 'rich spiritual food' that is being served.


  • BritBoy

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tim Hortons!

    Make mine a Double Double and a honey crueller.

  • karen96

    Perhaps if they put cheese on that "spiritual food" like they do on the nachos, people would stay in their seats!


  • Honesty

    I still shake my head in wonder that I went along with this bullshit for years.

  • wednesday

    No wonder I could never be a good jws, rules need to make sense to me. We ignored them completely and went out to eat at lunch and did whatever we pleased. I did notice the attendants look more like security guards now. but the last convention I have been to was late 90's. so it has been a while.

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