The World (YAWN) Cup

by Gregor 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • katiekitten

    How can you say football is boring???

    You get to sing loads of great songs - The Dambusters - every time you see a German

    Rooneys got a monkey head...monkey head... monkey head...

    eeeehhhhhh Macalele (to the tune of The Macarena)

    Youre going home in a London Ambulance (to the opposition) and also
    You could have come in a taxi plus, the all time great...
    Youre not singing... youre not singing... youre not singing anymore

  • Finally-Free

    Watchting a soccer game is about as exciting as re-reading the same Watchtower paragraph 500 times.


  • Gerard

    Unlike American "world cups", this event is international. A word many americans are unaware of.


    I find the World Cup to be very entertaining. I loved watching Italy-Germany yesterday (I was working on my hobby). It's a much more fluid game than American football.

    My only knock against football, are the dives, the rolling on the ground in feigned anguish, the carting off the pitch, and then running back on the pitch as if nothing happened. It appears that they do serve a purpose, a sort of unofficial time-out. However, I think that the game would be far more appealing if the diving was lessened, and perhaps a time-out or two added.

    Just my two cents.

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