The World (YAWN) Cup

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  • Gregor

    Soccer could be played without using a ball and nobody would notice. Come on, an hour and a half of watching a big pinball machine, with players falling down writhing in fake agony trying to get bogus fouls called? Endless arguing with refs over tedious rules violations. And the big payoff? Games that end 0-0, or 1-1. Wow. I'd rather watch golf.

  • tijkmo

    well id like to say your american so you dont understand

    but im inclined to have a point

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    well id like to say your american so you dont understand

    but im inclined to have a point

    I think you both have a point.... visually, it appears boring, yet I think the excitement is for those who've actually played the game and know how difficult some of the plays are. I think Americans are starting to appreciate it more because for the past 10 years or so, they've started to play in in school. Now take Baseball.... I grew up playing it, LOVING it, because of the seemingly infinite number of staregies going on; yet, if I knew little about the game and were just to be a spectator, I think I would be equally as bored. "Play Ball"!

  • Severus

    Would you prefer a game called "football" where no one but the runt of each team is allowed to actually kick the ball? Thankfully he has someone to hold it in place for him.

    Degarding the misnomer of American football, I suppose that watching the morbidly obese stuffed with body armour lurching at each other is more fun. Granted, their endurance on the field is limited to the pause between frequent commercial breaks, but when the game starts up again, the other half of the team has to play while the rest continue to catch their breath.

    Of course there is a touch of homo-erotica with the constant ass-slapping and "positions" of "fast-back", "running back", "tight end" and a strange ritual of passing one's balls between the legs to the man behind.

    Want to huddle?

  • jambon1

    I was'nt yawning when England lost on penalties last night!

  • greendawn

    I have to say that the quality of football this year at the world cup wasn't really very high, football was much more exciting in the 1960's and 1970's.

    This time the game lacked real nerve and energy. Watching a goalless game is very frustrating.

  • bigmouth

    Gregor, I just had to check that you weren't an England (or Scotland!) supporter.

    I'm not going to defend the 'beautiful game' again here, but a comment you made reminded me of the situation 20 or 30 years ago when various bods were trying to get the American public to embrace Soccer.
    At the time the biggest complaint to overcome was that the game was viewed as boring because the crowd wasn't seeing hundreds of goals or points per game such as Basketball and different measures were taken to make it more interesting to a culture that seemed ambivalent to anything not 'American'. It was suggested that football was somehow embraced by all the Communist countries and was to be avoided, although if we could teach the Commies to play Basketball and Ice Hockey then that would be a step toward democracy.
    Now I'm going back to watching our Rugby League boys playing something like American Football but with skimpier clothing.

  • free2beme

    Is that thing still on? It never even gets a mention on our local news. I thought it only lasted a couple days. Wow! The world really likes this sport, that much?

    Someone actually made this website :

  • smellsgood

    oh, you knock off that kind of talk, you delicious looking beverage!
    I have a superior opinion, I'll have you know. Soccer rules!
    golf players have smaller balls anyway.

    i don't think terry bradshaw...

  • yaddayadda

    This world cup has been boring. Defenses are totally dominating and I've never seen so much cynicism and cheating going on. I love soccer but this world cup has been a yawn I'm afraid. They need to tweak the rules a bit to make it easier for attacking football, eg, eliminate the backpass to the goalie entirely. That would make just enough difference to open up the defenses more.

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