A real eye opener for me!!!!!

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  • Gill

    Yesterday, my husband, self and children went to the birthday party of a man that my husband works with.

    Even after five years of not being JW, this is the first time I had been at a non JW party!

    What an eye opener! I had expected rampant immoral behaviour, swearing, drunkeness....etc!!!

    The people were lovely. There were about seventy people there ranging from babies to a grandmother.

    They were all lovely!!! They talked to us and there was no sense of being judged as I had always experienced at JW gatherings.

    I watched husbands and boyfriends helping their wives and girlfriends, and not one off flirting with anyone. The men were helping to clear up and doing all the work There plenty of young couples and singles all brilliantly and impeccably behaved. My God! Is this the world Jehovah plans to destroy for its wickedness!!

    The children were all well behaved and their parents looked after them. Some were smoking and there was no shortage of alcohol but No One was pissed off there head or unpleasant.

    To me, it was a real eye opener.

    I had always found JW gatherings a horrible experience, the few we had attended.

    Maybe it's only JWs that can't be trusted to have large gatherings. These people were TOTALLY civil and civilised.

    Was I a fool for so long? Oh yes!

  • carla

    Yeah, us worldlies can be ok. Glad you had a good time!

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Gill,

    Isn't it refreshing to know how full of feces Watchtower is, as they relentlessly parrot the same bs over and over and over again. Then we break away, and we see with our own two eyes just how wrong they are. Crazy to think we believed all that huh?


  • Gordy

    Hi Gill

    Welcome to the real world.

    Its taken you five years to get round to going to a non-JW party ?

    It shows how the JW's affected your thinking if you were expecting the behaviour you were. from non-JW's.

    There was probably more honesty between people at that party than at a JW one.

    At JW "gatherings" you were always on edge not to upset anyone, or not to say the wrong thing.

    You couldn't enjoy yourself in case someone thought you were too happy.

    Not that you couldn't get to joyful just drinking juice, soft drinks, tea or coffee.

  • greendawn

    They are playing a propaganda game they point out only the negative things in the world and none of the positive as if to show that these do not exist. Yet they derive enormous benefits from nice worldly people eg employers, doctors and lawmakers and judges.

  • Gill

    Carla 0 The wordlings are wonderful....Well most of them!!

    Dismembered - It still shocks me to think how stupid I have been for all these years actually believing that the people around me were 'bad associations'. The real bad asses were the JWs. Mostly heartless, critical, judgemental and just plain nasty.

    Gordy - Yup! No social life for 5 years. Could be that that is how long it has taken to loose our JW tag! People who know we used to be JWs still seem to think we're freaks.

    Greendawn - I agree with you completely. The glass is always half empty for the WTBTS. I pointed out to my mother how life expectancy in the western world was increasing and people were healthier than ever before. She got very cross and insisted it was not true, until my father said that it was true. Then she reeled off all the sick JWs she knows to show how people are 'sicker than ever before'. I said life expectancy in the middle ages was 40 at the most. She didn't like that and she definitely doesn't like ME! And do I care? Do I look bov'vered!!??

  • rekless

    Hey, Jws are the only group of people that has to have rulesand instructions on how to participate at a gathering. The rest of the world knows how to act. Be careful of large gatherings. No loud music. Only Kingdom melodies. Don't talk to another female/male unless your spouse is next to you. Don't, do this, don't do that...fill in the blanks.

  • Gill

    Reckless - Absolutely! The rest of the world, in general, as I accept there are exceptions to this, DO KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE!

    JWs believe what the WTBTS tells them about people 'in the world'. That is why, when JWs go out, or more so young JWs, they behave so BADLY! They are loud, raucous and embarrassing. I remember my sister telling me how when she went out with her 'worldly' friends, they were having a photo taken and pretending they were going to 'moon!' However, only my sister really did MOON! She said the others looked at her in disbelief that she would be so common and vulgar! These girls were well behaved, didn't over drink and left that to just the stupider girls. Unfortunately, at that stage, my sister was one of the stupider girls as she believed bad behaviour was what all non JWs did and not just the stupider ones. She still blushes remembering that she didn't know how to behave properly.

    I, every so often, think I am completely over WTBTS indoctrination. Every so often I discover there's still a long way to go.

  • Dansk

    Hi Gill,

    Get yerself down to E-man's BBQ on Saturday in Weston-super-Mare! You'll have another eye-opener


  • Gill

    Hi Dansk! How are you doing??!

    I would love to go to e man's barbie, however, this year not. The twins will be fourteen and their friends are coming round. These are really nice kids and so, hopefully all will go well! Next year, I hope we'll be able to go. It would be lovely to meet every one in person.

    Take care, Dansk!! Love to you and Claire!

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