New posters introduce yourself please :D

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  • IP_SEC

    I havent been around much the past 3 or 4 months. I plan to be try and post more now. The problem is that I see so many new people here that I dont know and dont think there's any way I could catch up with who's who just by reading.

    I mean, smellsgood? RainbowMonkey? pallemar? press any key? Moomintroll? etc. Who are you people?

    If you are new please introduce yourself and let me know a little about yourself, if you want.



  • orbison11

    well, i am not new here, but i sure look forward to meeting new ones, and hoping there might be one from the vancouver, bc area that i might know

    orbi--->>>of the waving to the new guys class

  • bubble

    I'm newish, been df'd for 4 years. Love this forum. XXX

  • IP_SEC

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance bubble

  • Cellist

    Welcome, Bubble!


  • mama1119

    I have been lurking for a while and just started posting a couple of weeks ago. I have been DF for 3 years and now my whole family and some friends are out. I grew up in the org..glad to not be raising my kids in it............

  • Cellist

    Great news, mama. A big welcome to you too.


  • mavie

    Fairly new. Here for theological discussion.

  • smellsgood

    Hi there IP_SEC

    oooh, my favorite kind of post, all about me.
    I'm 22/f/US, never have been a JW, just find the religion itself very interesting, all y'all on this board make it real.
    to further expand on the subject of *ME*,,, this is what pops into my head..
    I like dark chocolate, oatmeal raisin cookies, and rabbit shaped cakes.
    My beverage of choice is a quadruple espresso straight...
    mmmmmm, vietnamese food....
    I am not a marine biologist
    ...or a pro wrestler...
    I'm fairly tall (5'8")
    I haven't seen any movies in the cinema...since...I think the last one was the Zorro sequel...
    I smoke...unfortunately, looking to kick that habit
    I'm one of five children..
    and I can't figure out where those handy little smiley face icons are!! where are you little yellow icons??

    I know it seems theres more to me than most people, but if I missed something just ask.



    * i don't shower often enough, so my name must be referring to something else..*

  • IP_SEC

    Hi momma! Grats on having your fam out

    Mavie there's no shortage of theologic discussion. Cheers

    Smellgood... arent you a cheeky one to borrow a phrase from across the pond. I love it!

    I love talking about myself too so we ought to get along fine.

    Im an astronot and not a physicist.

    I smoke but am not looking to kick the habit

    If you are using a Mac or some non IE browser the smiley faces wont show up.

    Sir Francis

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