Would you buy a white car?

by JH 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Many years ago, there were many white cars around, but since 10 years around here, maybe 1% of cars are white. And most of them are old cars.

    I don't know if this is just a local thing, but you just don't see white cars anymore in most new car dealer parking lots.

    For some reason, I still like white and haven't had one in years, and I do change car often, and was wondering if white is "out" and old fashioned now a days....

    I think that there are many white cars where the climate is hot, but up here in Canada, it ain't so.

  • JH

    When I see a white car, it's a police car.....

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Yeah, I bought a white minivan for my wife.

  • Honesty

    Only if it was a 4-door.

    Field Service, you know.

  • kls

    Never white but then i only would buy a truck .I now have a red truck but would rather have black.

    I like color and my favorite is black ,then dark blue.

    Wonder what this all means maybe i am from the Darkside

  • JH

    Years ago in the 80's, in the field service around here, having a white car was like being pure.

    You know, Jesus on a white horse.....and brother rat in a white car....

  • lonelysheep

    Yes, I would. I love white cars w/beige interior.

  • Warlock

    I had a white car, with gold trim. Looked really nice. I think it just depends on the car and trim. I think Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW look good in white. A Jag wouldn't and neither would a Ferrari.


  • DesertRat

    Here in the American Southwest, white cars are common & actually preferred because they don't seem to get dirty as quickly & are better suited to the hot climate..

    My last car was a white '91 Honda Prelude Si. The first 'sporty' car I ever had & also one of the first signs of my JW rebellion besides the goatee (the looks on their faces when I drove it to meetings or assemblies & parked in that sea of SEDANS...)

    In December 2004 I was driving it over Gates Pass (a very hilly road west of town) on a rainy day when I lost control & it flipped over. Somehow I came out of it with only a few scratches, but the car was totalled. It wasn't until three days later that I saw the extent of the damage, & I became an emotional wreck as they towed it away.

    God, I still miss that car


  • liquidsky

    I used to own a white '92 Toyota Mr2 Turbo. Fun car but white was a bitch to keep clean. Maybe it depends on the weather. Washington is always rainy and cars get really muddy. Don't think I'd ever buy a white car again.

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