So what songs helped during your exit?

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  • Quandry

    I do not know the name of the artist or all the words-if I can find them I'll share, but I was driving down the road thinking about all the new "info" I'd found out about, and an old song came on-

    Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies....they don't tell the truth.

  • jambon1
    And when you're out there

    Without care,

    Yeah, I was out of touch

    But it wasn't because I didn't know enough

    I just knew too much

    JW FACTS -

    I love this song and I thought the same as you the moment I heard it.

    The above line reminded me that the deeper you get into the org, the more you are compeled to 'leave the love you had at first'. The more you know about the org and how it is run, the more you think; WTF? Get me out of here.

    I have to add that singing the line in the kingdom song "ours is the god of true prophecy, what he foretells comes to be" just made me realise how untrue it all really is.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    This Carole King/Gerry Goffin song I heard here when I'd more or less made my mind up to leave struck a chord, and still does:

    It's called Take A Giant Step, which all of us who have left did.

    Though youve played at love and lost

    And sorrows turned your heart to frost

    I will melt your heart again.

    Remember the feeling as a child

    When you woke up and morning smiled

    Its time you felt like you did then.

    Theres just no percentage in remembering the past

    Its time you learned to live again at last.

    Come with me, leave yesterday behind

    And take a giant step outside your mind.

    You stare at me in disbelief

    You say for you theres no relief

    But I swear Ill prove you wrong.

    Dont stay in your lonely room

    Just staring back in silent gloom.

    Thats not where you belong

    Come with me Ill take you where the taste of life is green

    And everyday holds wonders to be seen.

    Come with me, leave yesterday behind

    And take a giant step outside your mind.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    My very favorite song at the time that really helped me focus on escaping their fear-mongering was "On Broadway"..........

    You know........."They say the NEON lights are bright on (the) Broad Way...........

    They say there's always magic in the air......

  • merfi

    Music has always been huge for me -- turning points, events and whatnot in my life can always be brought to present with whatever song was in my playlist at the time...

    My list that was playing around the time I DA'd was:

    Shame of Life -- Butthole Surfers
    Red Sky -- Thrice
    Hate Me -- Blue October
    Foxy Foxy -- Rob Zombie
    Love and Memories -- O.A.R.
    Fever for the Flava -- Hot Action Cop
    Santa Monica -- Theory of a Deadman
    Move -- Thousand Foot Krutch
    Bad Day -- Daniel Powter
    Cold -- Static X
    Galvanize -- Q-tip, Chemical Brothers
    I'm So Sick -- Flyleaf
    Our Truth -- Lacuna Coil
    Gasolina -- Lil John etc

    All played very loud, in the jeep with the top down... part of my therapy as music always is.


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