OMG!!! The UN took away my computer!!!

by Elsewhere 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    You are one who knows how to exploit the latest in computer and internet technology, and those hot spots that provide free wireless internet connections are great.

    Not surprised that UN territory is not US territory though in the middle of New York, embassies are also considered as territories of the relevant countries and not of the host country.

  • blondie

    So, elsewhere, you were in the belly of the beast, the scarlet-colored wild beast, that is.

    I was surprised how much I recognized. I must have taken made 25 UN visits taking vising JWs. I much preferred Chinatown.

    Good weather.


  • Elsewhere
    I couldn't find the pictures of Bethel.

    Do you have a special link set up for them?

    I'm working on setting up something "Cano" Style in the GB's private bathroom.

    Hell, if people are willing to pay good money for foot porn, why not nasty GB Bathroom porn?

  • SPAZnik

    Have fun!

    I recommend the double decker bus tour.
    Sounds lame, but lots of fun/informative stories and cool photo opps
    Just don't stand up and get whacked by a light standard
    we like you the way you are

  • katiekitten

    What great photos!

    Ive never been to New York. I really felt like i had seen a bit of it.

  • Snoozy

    Thanks for the pictures!..I loved them. Isn't technology great?

    My JW Brother in law lived in Middletown N.Y. all his life. His Dad had a Taxi Co. (All JW's) that he inherited.. He drove in NY city.

    I had the priviledge..of riding with him one time..scared the BEHO out of me!

    He drives like a maniac.

    They just recently sold the family cab Co. and moved here to Missouri to take care of my JW MIL. But he is a great guy..JW or not..

    So that's the statue of them beating their swords into plowshares...

    Snoozy Q...

  • Im Only Human
    Im Only Human

    The Watchtower Society recently, "supposedly" Sold their most expensive property! Check into that for us, Elsewhere?


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