My Mother's Going Back

by serotonin_wraith 11 Replies latest social family

  • greendawn

    True ESW the JWs lack grossly in brotherly love and this is what gives them away as not being the true religion or organisation of God on earth, their leaders are always more interested in promoting preaching but not real brotherly love among them.

    Anyone going into this org for the marvellous promises they make about paradise and eternal life (only possible through them?!) will only be enslaved and exploited.

  • serotonin_wraith

    Thanks for the comments. Letting her decide for herself or giving her my opinion can both be good choices, neither is really right or wrong, so I'm going to go down the middle and give her some site addresses, which she can choose to look at or not. After that I won't question if she read them, or what she thought of so-and-so point, and become another pressure in her life. As long as she knows there are two sides to the religion, she can let in what she wants to let in, whether it be positive or negative points about them. Thanks!

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