Holidays in our country

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Canada has its Groundhog Day on the same date. We call ours Wiarton Willy in Ontario. I think Manitobs had their own groundhog but on the same day

  • Stephanus

    Here we seem to always have Mothers' Day on the same day as the US, but Fathers' Day is in September.

  • juni

    A lot of these special days I call "Hallmark moments" like Sweetest Day, Secretarie's(Executive's Assistant) Day, Bosses Day, Martin Luther King Day, and President's Day. I know there's more, but can't think right now w/o finding a calendar.


  • DannyBloem

    most of the days named here, we do not have.

    official hollydays:
    easter on sunday and monday
    first and second christmas day
    pentacoastal day
    jesus fly up day (assunction day, or something, do not know the english word)
    new year (1ste of jan)

    special days, but not hollydays

    We have mothers day (Don't know when),
    Fathers day (somewhere in june)
    animal day in september
    santa claus (5 december) <not 25>
    labour day 1 may
    liberation day 5 may
    valentines day

    that's basically it

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