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  • why144000

    There has been a lot of discussion regarding some 'news' to be released later in the year. I have no inside whispers however I think that, if something new happens, it will be in regard to 'faders'. Many of us have faded and not attended meetings for some time. This has been easy for elders - "you leave us alone and we will leave you alone". This may be easy for the local elders but has been problematic for the powers that be. If there is a change I think it will be linked to the passover described at EX 12:13. I believe the mantra will be - we are so close to the great tribulation we need to be not only active, but seen to be active in the 'lifesaving' work. If a person is not attending all the meetings and counting time in the vital witnessing work they have not made an obvious statement and therefore not followed the direction stated at Ex 12:7 ' take some of the blood and splash it upon the two doorposts and the upper part of the doorway".

    By your actions of not attending meetings and witnessing you have shown that you have disasociated yourself from the organisation and no longer have the 'protection of the passover'. An easy, but somewhat desperate method to rid themselves of dissenters.

  • AuldSoul

    There is precedent for this in a 1957 Watchtower. This is not far-fetched at all. I agree that this "loophole" will have to be dealt with soon.

    I also anticipate some sort of Talmudic precision with regard to approriate vs. inappropriate Internet usage to complement the Internet demonization campaign. They KNOW the Internet is their biggest source of exposure. The Resolution at this year's Convention is proof that they are being forced to react to a serious threat.


  • Poztate

    An interesting thought. In theory it could happen. I remember a link that Blondie posted recently to a WT article that stated "if we were not out in the witnessing work we really were not one of jehovah's witnesses".

    In reality if this was the "new news" and a way of handling faders and in-actives by threats and waving the club at them I believe it would fail totally.In my X congo alone they would have at least 15 or more to deal with. Multiply this with numbers around the world and I think they would be stirring up a real hornets nest. At this point in my life I could care less if they did it. Bring it on...They know where I live.

  • AuldSoul

    They really are in a Catch-22 on this issue of faders.

    If the faders are left alone, the org will slowly reach a critical tilt ratio of faders to active JWs and then start a sharp downward plunge. If the faders are threatened with DF or DA and this serves to coerce them back in, the organization would have a large segment of malcontents armed with information that would be poison to the faithful (from the Governing Body's perspective). This also would result in a sharp downward plunge.

    They have to take a chance, though. They have to make a decision on it and address it directly. I love it! They have no easy way out.

  • Kudra

    Mmm, I don't think so- that would like halve their ranks...
    Nothing like having 500,000 witnesses gone in one fell swoop to encourage the rank and file.

  • jwfacts

    I doubt it will be the new news, but I can imagine that there will be increasing pressure on inactive ones to become publishers. The number of Jehovah's Witnesses is based on the publisher records, so it would make sence to force publishers to report. Success breeds success and so they need to keep the publisher growth positive. The WTS has been sitting on virtually flat growth for 10 years and if nothing is done it will hit a critical point where the fall off starts to spiral out of control.

  • rockhound

    I think that the big news is about the preaching work, and how its done. At present publishers report books, booklets and magazines placed, with the result that all to often the publishers view their "success" in terms of placements. Placements has been there "goal". Placements influences the basis on which elders in the congregations are inclined to appraise the work being done by the publishers. There is no report of the love shown to other brothers, or of how a person discharges Christian responsibilities in his home, or of his showing the fruitage of the spirit in daily life.

    Human standards have become the controlling factor in what individual witnesses understand as God's will. Intense pressure is always "there" and becomes a heavy weight for all to carry. Conforming to this constant pressure has led to the attitude that "If I gotta be out here, then so do you". The witness brotherhood is performance driven. Showing love so many times is based on whether "Time" can be counted. Turning in time and placements become all important overshadowing loving acts motivated from a decision based on your own conscience. My guess is that the brothers will be allowed to turn in time for all kinds of Christian good deeds, acts of Christian love. In other words the kind of good that the churches have been doing for years. Hours would go up all over the world, pressure would be off the brothers, and attitude would change for the better. Just my two cents!!


  • DannyHaszard

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  • wednesday

    I was told this recently: I was told that some of jws feel the inactive ones have DA and are treated as such. The elder who told me this more or less said it was up to the individual jws to make his/her own decision.

  • AuldSoul


    Nothing like having 500,000 witnesses gone in one fell swoop to encourage the rank and file.

    That's just it, the inactive ones are already not counted as publishers. Their numbers wouldn't drop at all if they limit the action to the inactive JWs. In fact, they would likely experience a significant increase in publishers initially, because some percentage of faders would pretend to reactivate in order to keep contacts with friends or family.


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