did russell coin the phrase "in the truth"

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  • headmath

    As in the context such as :

    Is he/she in the truth?. I just hate that miserable hyrocritical phrase. And all jdubs use it to restrict conversation to their circle of jdubs or to conveniently exclude themselves from speaking to or about worldly persons.

  • sinis

    I hate that expression as well. Usually I look at the person saying that, and just like Pilot, I ask them, "what is truth?" They normally give me that bad look and have no answer. I think that phrase is used sooooooo often they associate it with JW's and not the teachings of Jesus.

  • kid-A

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I think the use of the term "The Truth" was post-Russell. Blondie would probably know....

  • VM44

    Russell used the phrase "in the Truth" in the October 1, 1910 Watchtower when he was talking about a "Brother in the Truth" who had obtained some Miracle Wheat. The article is online at:


    This is only an example of his usage of "in the Truth". He had used it many times before.

    I remember a CO talking about this. It was one of those questions COs ask the congregation, in this instance it was "Do you know where "Walking in the Truth" is mentioned in the Bible?"

    I believe the answer he gave was 3 John 3, "For I rejoiced very much when brothers came and bore witness to the truth you hold, just as you go on walking in the truth. "

    CT Russell was probably aware of this scripture.


  • kid-A

    "Russell used the phrase "in the Truth" in the October 1, 1910 Watchtower"

    I stand corrected!

  • under_believer

    Nor did Witnesses invent the term, they just borrowed it.

    A Guide to Living in the Truth: Saint Benedicts Teaching on Humility



    ...and from http://www.adrian.warnock.info/2006/06/mlj-monday-speaking-truth-in-love-t4g.htm

    The Greek word means ‘professing’, so we may translate the phrase, ‘professing the truth in love’. Many have urged that a very literal translation, though it is not a pleasant one, is ‘truthing’ — ‘but truthing in love’. What the expression conveys is that we are ‘in the truth’ and that we are ‘walking in the truth’. Perhaps the best translation of all would be ‘having or holding the truth in love’.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I hate that phrase as well now, although I used to use it a lot. Looking back, "in the untruth" would have been a more accurate description.

  • Leolaia

    Russell more often used the phrase "in present truth". Examples:

    *** w09 3/15 pp. 83-84 Views From the Watch Tower ***

    A brother in present truth had a peculiar experience lately. He was called to the house by cries of Fire! He found that the lighted lamp had fallen over on the bookstand. The oil was blazing over the little table, burning the books, etc.

    *** w12 4/15 pp. 120-121 The Good Tidings Abroad ***

    Our next appointment was at Berlin. There we met a very interested company of believers in present truth, some of whom had come about two hundred miles.

    As already pointed out, "in the truth" was used once by Russell but it did not replace "in present truth" until the phrase "present truth" itself fell into general disuse.

  • peacefulpete

    Christidephians that we met out preaching used the expression identically as JWs it was c-r-e-e-p-y.

  • barry

    The SDAs use the term' the truth ' also in the SDAs a theologan Bob Brinsmead started a movement called the Awakening movement and published a magazine called "Present Truth". Churches all over the world were seriously divided by his movement but he often reversed his theology when proven wrong.

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