7 years too long!!!!

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  • Honesty
    But She is still spoken about in St Jacobs as one of the Strongest & Bravest Christian they Knew....

    It's got to be hard on all of you but at least we have faith knowing where she is today since she is Christian and not a member of the JW cult.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Here are the images



    I see a young Susan in her face. I don't think I ever met her though

  • mouthy

    OH BOO HOO Thanks !!! Wasnt she beautiful

    Ash remember when I use to pretend we were going to Sauble Beach.???? Mum said you both used to like to play that game....

    Lee(((((((((HUGS)))) thanks darling

  • Legolas

    Mouthy and G'daughter

    And ....Welcome to the board!

  • mouthys_gdaughter

    it wasn't sauble beach nan, it was ipperwash. and you called it ipswich! hehe

  • mouthy

    Oh yes that is right You see the old mind is going... That "Sometimers" decease is really beginning to show LOL

  • mouthy

    BTTP Because I want you ALL to see my lovely Daughter & kids ( one is posting on here....) the other did the other day....(as mouthys,grandaughter 2.)

    I know I am VAIN....But ya gotta admit they are lovely

  • arwen

    They are beautiful, Mouthy, and your daughter was too. The sadness never really ever goes away but we thank God for the good years that we did have with our loved ones. I miss my Mom every day for the past thirteen years. Much love to you all.....Arwen

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