About the convention in Illinois Thurs-Sun--I have questions!!!!

by whyizit 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Virgochik

    I would be interested in details about the convention, if anybody hears about it. This is the one my parents are going to. I thought they meant Bloomington Indiana, but must be Illinois, since they said it's this weekend. They go to Romeoville for the circuit ass-emblies. I suppose they'll be driving in from Indiana every day, and they don't need to be doing that; they're elderly people!

  • bythesea

    hey whyizit!! The purpose of the convention isn't specifically to pressure anyone into getting baptized...in fact your friend won't be baptized at this convention unless she has already gone over the 80(is it still just 80??) questions required before she is approved by the elder body.... that she qualifies for baptism. Since you are in regular touch with one another you might ask her if she's gone over the questions??

    My own experience after I was baptized was not one of being pressured into giving up old friends...witnessing to them, yes!! I managed to hold onto different non-JW family and old friends over the 20+ years of being JW...and am finding those friends and family now a wonderful support as I am fading! I think it depends greatly on the kind of JW her Bible teacher is, how insistent she is in having your friend drop her worldly friends. You and your friend go back a LONG ways, so it will be interesting to see how she deals with you! I hope you will be able to influence her to keep you...and she will "see the light"!! Keep me posted!!


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