About the convention in Illinois Thurs-Sun--I have questions!!!!

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  • whyizit

    I am from Indiana and my JW wanna-be friend is going to a convention on Thurs.-Sun. in Illinois. I wondered what this convention will be about and if anyone else will be attending? I am wondering if this is the time when she will become baptized, because she isn't as of yet. I also wondered what the heck they have to discuss? From what I have seen, the same thing is re-hashed over and over and over in all the magazines and books. Is this just more of the same?

    If anyone goes to this, could you fill me in on what is said and done and maybe some tips on how to ask effective thought-provoking questions? This could be a great help to me and I would appreciate it so much!!!

    Also, if she does get baptized, what kind of changes can I expect in her behavior? Will she see me as a potential recruit and try to get me to become a JW too? She has never tried to get me to study with her, so I was wondering if she would be pressured to get her own study prospects and I might be an easy target for her. Am I on the right track?

  • carla

    The Rockford, IL one is this weekend?

  • serendipity

    HI whyzit,

    Here's a link to links about the convention.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I heard there is one in Bloomington , IL. this weekend ...am I right ?

  • jgnat

    Baptized JW's are encouraged to drop their old friends. Good luck.

    Same-o-same-o? Oh, yeah. But there is the energy of the crowds and the expecation that SOMETHING will happen. The SOMETHING will be the announcement of some new publication on Saturday evening.

    Think Billy Graham crusade with canned music instead of live, droning speakers instead of inspiration, and no altar call. That's about it.

  • whyizit

    She would be told to dump me? We have been friends for most of our lives. Through thick and thin! She would be told to dump me as a friend, rather than try to recruit me? I have never put down the JWs and have always shown her the most respect. When I have asked questions, I never have done it in a disrespectful way, nor have I tried to "teach" her anything. I have merely asked questions, then dropped the issue when she didn't come up with an answer. Seed planted, let it go! I never put her on the spot and insist on her agreeing with me. I also have other JW friends, and even they have found no reason to dissassociate with me.

    She calls me over 4 times per week---at least! Rather than try to recruit past friends, they tell them not to associate with them? Even if they are not a perceptable threat? What about her husband and the rest of her family? NO one is a JW in her family. Her mother and her are very close. None of her family or friends are JWs, so will she be expected to leave them behind also? How can she do this, being married to a non-JW?

    This is another interesting thing I have noticed----My newly aquired JW friend recently asked me if my best JW-wanna-be friend has invited me to the KH in her area for a "talk". I thought this might indicate that she would be told by her cong. to persue me, since as best friends, she might be able to sway me. What are your thoughts on this? Am I wrong?

  • AuldSoul

    It really works like this: The encouragement would be to pursue until it is clear whether the person is enough of a sucker has the right heart condition to believe that God is using an end times cult to accept the truth from the Bible as it is explained by a tiny group of middle-aged to very old quacks who didn't attend college and aren't scholars of any variety the Faithful and Discreet Slave who provide contextually incorrect interpretations, authoritative seeming but erroneous secular information, and sophistry of every sort pure waters of truth to a large group of people who haven't taken the time to research their own religion's history the other sheep.

    If the person has a brain they are willing to use refuses to accept the lies presented as God's spirit-directed truth then the encouragement would be to protect yourself from any person who has a brain and isn't afraid to use it influences that might rob you of the opportunity to waste your remaining life slaving for an organization that promises you a better life after you die your newfound hope.

    I hope that clears it up.


  • blondie

    Another tactic that can be used is to keep her so busy in "spiritual" things that she will have no time for you. Listen, once a person is baptized as a JW they are told to limit their association with anyone who is not a JW. With five meetings a week, preparing for them, getting dressed for them, traveling to them and returning, a "suggested" goal of 10 hours a week in the door to door (Saturday morning is the big time, but Sunday afternoon and or one evening a week is necessary to reach the 10 hours). Add into that working secularly, keeping a house, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc, etc.

    whyizit, many of us know the grind she is entering into and how little time there is for "friends" that might be spiritually harmful. If you aren't showing an active interest in becoming a JW, you will see your contact with her decline more and more.


  • Alana
    I heard there is one in Bloomington , IL. this weekend ...am I right ?

    Yes. That is the one my mom and ex-mother-in-law are going to this weekend. I didn't know about it until my mom mentioned this past weekend when we visited her, as we were in her town to take my daughter to a Christian Summer Camp.....LOL. Anyway, mom said she wouldn't be home when we picked up my daughter as they had their convention in Bloomington. It is at a brand new colisium, as previously there wasn't a venue there for a convention and part of the Circuit went to Springfield and part went up to Romeoville (Chicago suburb). Anyway....back to the email.......your friend may not cut you off immediately, but would be strongly urged to witness to you, in order to bring you into the congregation and therefore be an approved associate. If you continue to be a non-JW, then eventually she will be pressured to end her friendship with you, because in the words of JW's, "bad association spoils useful habits". I have seen and experienced this many times. You would be considered a bad influence who could pull her away from JW 'spiritual things'. It is truly sad, isn't it? I hope that she can resist the pressure and keep your friendship.

  • whyizit

    Is the main point of this convention to pressure study's into baptism and committing their life to the WTS?

    I will be praying for her. I hope the Lord shows her something that will lead her to investigate thoroughly before she jumps in over her head.

    As scary as this all sounds, I have to have faith that no matter what happens, she will eventually be free. Maybe she will even find this forum and you all will be there to help her gain her freedom!


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