Apostates travels for free, A true story !

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  • Genesis

    Greetings everyone,

    The Following is a true story that happened to my uncle Henrie which left me speachless :

    It happened about 15 years ago. Henrie is a French Canadian who is 45 and travels with his girlfriends in the USA far from their home. But they ran out of cash, food and had nowhere to stay. What would they do ??? Thinking for a moment Henrie had an Idea ! He had left the JW 10 years ago and knew how they thinks and acts. So he wonder if he could call the Kingdom Hall and say that he was a JW in vacation with his wife.

    He told the plan to his girlfriend and she agreed and she wouldnt have to talk to the JW since she only spoke french. So Henrie called the Kingdom Hall and said that he was visiting the USA and would like to visits the local congregation. There was a brother and his wife joyful of having friends from Canada so they rushed to invite them at their home. Henrie being a great actor he was playing a very spiritual brother and told his hosts about his congregation and the work in the field service and all. Brother Dumb and his wife invited them to stay all the week for free and they made them visits their area, paying the fees for the activity and everything.

    Henri and his girlfriend even went in field ministry and Henri laughing all way long. His girlfriend was so shy that she turned red. After a week Henri began to be bored by to relive the JW lifestyle and wondered where he could go from there. So he explained to the Brother that he has no cash left and couldnt return home. The brother had enjoyed Henri so much that he actually lend his Credit Card to Henri !

    So Henri left promising to return it via mail and pay all the fees. But Henri toured the USA in his fifhtwheel lunching in the restaurant, staying in the Hotels and bought gaz and souvenirs and he returned to Montreal,Canada. He doesnt know how he spent but the credit card was still working when he arrived home. When he arrived he shipped the credit card back to the poor Brother with the exception that it was now full of debts.

    That is how Henri took his revenge of the JW. Sure this is not very ethical but remember these things :

    The Brother in the story was wealthful and he lended his credit card to a stranger without seeking more information on the man so in a way I think he deserved it.

    Judge it the way you want, for me it is a very funny story !

    Long lives to all apostates,


  • wanderlustguy

    Some things are just wrong, like taking advantage of someone's trust. Leaving the troof doesn't exempt a person from the things that make a decent human being.

    Everything comes back around...can't say I feel for that waste of air when it does.


  • luna2

    Ummmm....kinda gives us exJWs a bad name, don't you think? Not that the poor dub that Henri ripped off knows that your uncle was an ex, but still.

    I guess I have a hard time cheering Uncle Henri on when he literally stole from that dub. Not exactly a way to get back at the WTS to con one kindly individual.

  • parakeet

    Henri sounds like quite a character. Doesn't have much of one, though.


    A con is a con. I found this story sad and terrible.

  • heathen

    I was amazed that a jdubby could be that generous . However gullible he might be , this guy was not a typical dub. I suppose there was an important message in it for him .Never give a credit card to a broke man.

  • mouthy

    I find that so sad... I realize your a young sweetie!!! You said you wish I was your granny on another post. But let me tell you I have been on the recieving end of that JWs experience..(NOT YOUR UNCLE BUT THE FAITHFUL JW.)I have trusted so many & will continue to do so. because of the good Samaritian.... But I think your Uncle hasnt got a very kind conscience. I am from Montreal I do hope I dont know him But chances are I do .

    We have to LOVE the JW because if you knew where slaves were being held captive surely you would like to help free them???That kind of stuff just makes them more in slavery...Makes all the hours we EX JW are trying to do to help them see the Light ( Useless!!!

    Tell that guy from ME he is a con!!!!!!

  • Jeho-so-fat

    That is terrible...betraying someones trust like that. If he has a problem with the WTS...all fair and good, but don't take it out on a JW, especially after all the kindness that they showed them. I am not impressed by what he done. It really was a nasty thing to do.

  • DaCheech

    here in brooklyn there are quite a few bethellites that travel for free, and have tried to freeload off of me during outings (restaurants, and six flags trips)

  • GermanXJW

    I do not like this story. I hope you have not inherited anything from your uncle's character. :-/

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