slip of the tongue of elder

by DannyBloem 40 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • LDH
    I once heard in a prayer given by a slightly older brother "... and thank you for this wonderful penis" - I shit you not.

    That is hilarious.

  • LDH
    Ethiopian Eunuch

    Per Bea Bozeat, deceased for some 15 years now, this was the Ethiopan Yunch. (pronounced like LUNCH)

  • juni

    Before the meeting he must've been on the Internet. You know, Internet=porn.

    While giving a public talk a brother pronounced the old civilization of the Hittites as the "High Titties".

  • wednesday

    We had a brother named Payne pronounced pain, they'd call on him like this, "Brother payne in the rear" hehe

  • mama1119

    This isnt really a slip but one time and elser was giving this really serious talk on enduring hardships and all that and a "brother" rose his hand to give an example of hardship and he said my brother has angina and that is very difficult for him" but I had never heard of that so I thought he said his brother had a vagina and I laughed so hard I had to leave......

  • greendawn

    They are intercourses of the spiritual kind where the R&F dubs get impregnated spiritually and produce monstrosities such as shunning family members and all ex dubs.

  • rassillon

    When I first read the subject I thought you had french kissed and elder...

  • truth.ceeker

    Hey Wednesday, were you in one of my congregations. We had a brother Payne also:)


  • DannyBloem
    When I first read the subject I thought you had french kissed and elder...

    No, I do not french kiss elders, only kis their arses

  • undercover

    I remember, as a kid, a brother who had the instruction talk and it was covering some old Mosiac law crap and it talked about burning something on the brazier and everytime that word was read, he read it as "Brassiere". All us teen boys just giggled everytime he said it.

    I remember a sister who was called on to answer and in her answer she was trying to remember the name of a chapter of the book study book and she couldn't remember it. She said something like, "it's found in the" and then she remembered it, "Hell, what is it?" it came out as one sentance, "It's in the chapter, um, oh, hell what is it?" Everybody in the hall lost it and she didn't know what we were laughing at.

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