slip of the tongue of elder

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  • stillajwexelder

    IMMORALITY of the sould was my favorite - during a WT study


    imagine an elder with a south african accent saying................'all living things ARE SOULS'............say it out loud, it's very funny!

  • Pubsinger

    I once interviewed a pioneer who said that he was pioneering because he felt it was the right thing to do while he was young and full of youthful virility, quickly corrected to vitality.

    It was my best mate. For a second there was a look of total horror in his eyes and then I just burst out laughing and couldn't stop.

    Fortunately our cong were howling too. I never let him forget it.

  • Dismembered

    I remember being chairman for the Sunday Public talk & Watchtower. One of the couples in the hall had just had their first child. In an attempt to sound intelligent I made the announcement regarding their child-birth and said, "Be sure to give Brother & Sister So & So your condolences on the birth of their new baby girl. Wow! did I feel like Baalams ass when everyone started looking at me cockeyed. I went home and looked the meaning of that word. What a dope.


  • blondie
    IMMORALITY of the sould was my favorite - during a WT study

    Yes, one brother said that must have been freudian. Or "Brother Nosy with his hand up in the rear"

  • nowisee

    these are so funny. we used to have a brother who would say stuff like this all the time.....and he was the theocratic ministry school servant!

  • sir82

    There's a scripture, somewhere in Corinthians I think, something about "Let all your affairs take place with love..."

    A sister reading the scripture read it as "Let all your love affairs take place with love..." I think I was the only one who caught it, as no one else laughed.

    Then there was the brother reading at book study. There was a quote from some source about how "today's universities are hot-beds of immorality and rebellion..."

    Somehow he read it as "Today's universities are hot-tubs of immorality and rebellion..."

  • Warlock

    There was a sister in our cong. who used to call the Ethiopian Eunuch in Act chapter 8 the Ethiopian "Enoch".


  • Pubsinger

    There was once an elder who informed us all that the offer for the month was "You can live forever in paradise on earth for £1.50"


  • FairMind

    I always got a chuckle from "It's time for everyone to grab their seats."

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