Please Help Me Help My Mom To See The Stupidity Of The Blood Doctrine

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  • Outaservice

    Give me a mailing address and a free tape will be sent that makes the blood issue clear.

    <[email protected]>

  • mkr32208
    Supersonic: ***My grandma was told that without having blood it was almost certain he would die, they did everything they could to get him to take the blood but he wouldn't budge, this was a very serious operation and he came through it unscathed and is still with us 5 years later and has had no problems since.***

    I've heard of people playing Russian roulette for fun too! I wouldn't do it though!

    Hell I've even heard of someone who was playing and the gun went off and the bullet went straight through there head and severed both optic nerves but didn't kill them! I guess that means we should all start playing?

    What a stupid thing to say! Of course your comeback was equally stupid so I don't know why I bother!

  • QueenBee

    Min, I have to say that I agree with the people who have suggested that you let your mom be about the blood issue. If she's a true believer, there really isn't anything that you can say or show to her that will change her mind. After all, there are still people out there who believe the earth is FLAT. I know it's hard to see intelligent people be so stupid about things. My parents are JW's still and talking to them about these issues is like talking to a wall. No rationality, no logic. I'm sorry you're going through this. Bee

  • serendipity

    Hi Queen Bee & welcome!

  • QueenBee

    Thank you serendipity, I like your avatar. I used to post under a different name (don't remember what it was). It's been awhile since I have visited this forum and I decided I wanted to come back. ;) Bee

  • hubert

    Why is blood doctrine taught by W.T.? Not because it is in the Bible, but because it is “taught and enforced” by the W.T.

    Doctrine taught by W.T.

    Acts 15:28,29.....Leviticus 17:10..... (Blood doctrine) Taught because the Watchtower teaches and enforces it.

    Doctrine not taught by W.T.

    Past teachings....

    organ transplants ....... No scriptures.

    vaccinations ................ No scriptures.

    Verse .......

    2Timothy 3:7 .... always learning, yet never come to an ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE.....

    Conclusion.....The Watchtower only teaches the things in the Bible that it wants to enforce, not other things that are taught in the Bible.

    If the Watchtower reversed it’s decision on blood, the rank and file will accept it. Why? Just because the watchtower changed their rules, and not because of Bible doctrine.

    So, you could tell your Mom that the only reason that j.w.'s won't accept blood is ONLY because it is enforced by the Watchtower Socoiety. If the W.T. changed their mind tomorrow, the R+F would follow suit without question.


  • minimus

    Thanks all for your responses. I appreciate the links, too. The WTBS has taken a simple scripture, made a simple unreasonable explanation and diehards CAN'T reason on it. I've made major headway with her in sooooooooo many things. If I listened to some of you, I would not have her still talking to me. She can see the elder's hypocrisy. A lot of the Society's too. But she's stuck mentally on a scripture. Period.

  • Mary

    Min, Randy Watters did an excellent piece on this when he showed the inconsistency in the WTS's ban on blood:

    "....The inconsistency of the Watch Tower’s policy as to acceptable and non-acceptable components is well illustrated in its policy as to plasma. As can be seen in the chart taken from the October 22, 1990 issue of Awake!, plasma composes about 55 percent of the volume of blood. Evidently on the basis of volume, it is placed on the Watch Tower’s list of banned “major components.” Yet plasma is actually up to 93 percent simple water. What are the components of the remaining approximately 7 percent? The principal ones are albumin, globulins (of which the immunoglobulins are the most essential parts), fibrinogen and coagulation factors (used in hemophiliac preparations).{5} And these are precisely the components the organization lists as allowable to its members! The plasma is forbidden yet its principal components are permissible—provided they are introduced into the body separately. As one person observed, it is as if a person were instructed by a doctor to stop eating ham and cheese sandwiches, but told that it is acceptable to take the sandwich apart and eat the bread, the ham and the cheese separately, not as a sandwich...."

    I also thought of something that you may want to ask your mom: If the blood of a dead animal is no different than the blood of a live human being, then why did Jesus have to die for mankind with his "blood"? Why couldn't Christians simply keep on sacrificing animals (where the life is in the blood) that the Jews had been doing for at least 1,500 years? No Witness today would say that a human being's blood and a dead animal's blood are the same thing when it comes to sacrifices, so why are they suddenly the same when it comes to a blood transfusion?

  • minimus

    I just read in the Boston Herald this morning that light ice cream has a component in it that contains blood!!!!!

  • Mary
    I just read in the Boston Herald this morning that light ice cream has a component in it that contains blood!!!!!

    Oh now come on Min.....that's a damn lie!! If light ice cream had a component in it that contained blood, Jehovah woulda made sure the silly ol' bastards in Brooklyn would have received it telepathically during one of their meetings where they could present it as New and Improved Light Ice Cream from God Almighty!!

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