Do you know of any "apostate" ex-jws that became "BAC's" that quit bac's?

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  • barry

    I beleive the last days began in AD31 along with many christians and the end could have come at any time since then.

    The beleif we can change days into years and pick and choose when the end will be is called the historisist approach. The problem with this approach is the various texts are interpreted as to be only relevant to the present day and the original fullfilment is completely ignored.

    The born again movement has hijacked the beleif of all christians that they are born again and some born agains beleive they are the only ones born again because they speak in tongues . thus they beleive they are saved by works.

  • LittleToe

    I do understand the dilemma. I suffered it as a JW. However I would reiterate that more often or not we attempt to put ourselves and our sense of justice into God's shoes, as though he were some kind of perfect human. I certainly believe that I was [trained / indoctrinated] to think this way. This was why I added:

    Also: ask yourself if you answered the questions without anthropomorphising God into some kind of morally supreme version of yourself.

    One mystical approach is the view that we are all part of the divine, like cells in a body. From that perspective how do you deal with nail-clippings or cuts and grazes? Do you think twice before you spit out several thousand bacteria?

    We're perhaps straying into Deist territory, but the only point that I'm trying to get across is that we rarely think outside of the box, concerning such things. I confess that I'm as guilty as the next man, at times. Then I shake myself up and remind myself that this universe is a big place.

  • glitter

    "Born-Again Christians" with glazed eyes and fixed smiles creep me out.

  • LittleToe


  • greendawn

    That the JWs get their members to serve God through fear is a fact and it is a morbid psychology operating behind it, God should be served out of love not out of fear. It should be a feeling that wells up on its own.

  • itsallgoodnow

    Lt, defensive, defensive. LOL.

    One of my never baptised family members recently became a BAC. I can't understand why anyone would go for the harshest version of the Christian faith (at least in the US, it seems) after rejecting everything about JWs. I guess as you get older, you change.

    I have a friend who has gotten very involved with her evangelical church over the last few years. They made her a deacon recently. I've seen her change from a happy, fun and balanced person into an angry, judgemental, stressed out person. I don't know how much her association with this group has been the cause of these changes. She talks to me about religion a lot, but always manages to turn the discussion into an infomercial for her church. She said her family wasn't happy she joined with the Evangelicals. I figure some churches probably operate the same way as JWs, lovebombing and hiding the truth about their teachings until after you get too involved and it's too late. I don't know about her church, though, she insists it's not like the other evangelical churches. But I have seen her happiness levels go downhill, so I don't know if the church has anything to do with that or not.

  • Warlock

    My cousin left the Catholics for the b.a.c.'s. She came back to the Catholics after about 10 years and brought her b.a.c. husband with her. Go figure.


  • kid-A

    Actually, every ex-JW I have ever known personally, are either agnostic or atheist. I dont know a single one who remained religious post-JW. In fact this board

    was the first place I encountered any religious ex-JWs but I guess it depends on context.

  • Undecided

    Littletoe, I have to admit I don't know the answers to life or God. I'm still thinking and looking for answers. I hope that God understands my situation and will help me out if he wants me to know what I need to do. I would love to have a sense of peace within myself and feel that I knew God. I don't want it to be just some man's imaginative idea though. Time will work it out I guess, if I don't die first.

    Ken P.

  • LittleToe

    Ken:So why do you feel you're on the wrong track? It sounds an eminently sensible route you're taking, to me...

    IAGN:It enver ceases to amaze me how many exJW who get religion (and some who don't ) become hyper-evangelistic. It's as if the training never leaves them and they can't just let other people be.

    I'm happy to stir things up a bit, especially when folks are trotting out the old WTS lines about religion and spirituality without actually having put their money where their mouth is, but sell religion? Nope! I think God is big enough to sell himself, without me turning it into a freak-show...

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