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  • Synergy

    I was already df'd but thinking of returning. I went to the meeting the night of the CO visit. His concluding talk was a hype up for the Great Trib. before the Big A. He likened our day to Jeruselem being destroyed. When the armies withdrew God's true servants that heeded his warning to flee to the hills were spared by their lives. The rest were slaughtered. Ok all of that is true. But get this bogus story. I didn't believe my ears and the following angered me so badly that it was my start of hating the WTBS and searching for the truth.

    "Brothers and Sisters, picture yourself back there in that day. The armies had withdrawn and things seemingly started to look 'normal'. The older men of the congregation calls the Isrealites together in a secret place and informs the congregation of the escape plan to take place that very night. As they take count that all God's people are there, they notice Brother and Sister week aren't there. There is no way to contact them and the congregation is very worried. They don't want them to be left behind. Well, that very afternoon just a few hours earlier as they were eating dinner and about to get ready to go to the meeting (yes he used the word meeting as if they had KH meetings back then) they discussed all the things needed to finish up. They had a business to tend to . They knew they'd be leaving soon so they wanted to pack everything up and check on the store. Get all the belongings together so that they'd be ready and have their affairs in order when the congregation made the escape to the hills. Well, the decided to miss the meeting that night and they did all the things on their to-do list. A few days later it was time for the next meeting so they show up and no one is there. The doors are locked. They stop by the homes of some of the brothers and no one is at home. All are barren. They began to get worried and wonder if they missed something important at that meeting they missed. Certainly they did. They had been left behind. When they realized this they quickly tried to catch up and leave but they were stopped and seized by the enemy army before they could reach the city gates. The wicked soldiers poked their eyes out, scalped them, stabbed them with spears. If they would've only been at that last meeting they missed, none of this would've ever happened. Brothers and Sisters, we don't want you to be left behind. Persecution is imminent. Many brothers meet in secret now. If you miss one meeting you will not know where the next one is at. Be in the habit of not missing meetings......"

    And it went on and on. that was the entire theme of his talk. It was 15 minutes of some graphic torture story of a couple who missed a meeting. I was scared at first like "oh my gosh I have to get back in before I'm stabbed, scalped and have no eyeballs" The more I thought about it though, the angrier I got. I was like if God would do that to me because I missed a meeting but he'd save everyone else then I don't want to worship him. I want to be destroyed at the Big A.

    These are just some of the stupid scare tactics they use to keep the R&F in line.

    Renee ( of the ain't skeered no more class)

  • Fleshybirdfodder
    If you miss one meeting you will not know where the next one is at. Be in the habit of not missing meetings......"

    ouch Synergy... you just reminded me of mothers eating their children and somehow that applying to meeting attendance.

    Just sick.


  • Ianua

    I also know this bridge-train-child-kill-illustration. Heared it several times in public talks. BTW: I live in Germany!

    So this illustrations seemes to be used worldwide.

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