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  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I've heard this illustration several times in varying formats. To encapsulate: A man works at a railway bridge and is in charge of switching the tracks so that the train can successfully cross the river. He sees his son playing on the bridge just as the train is coming. He calls to his son but his son doesn't hear him (don't ask me why the kid doesn't hear the train). The man is faced with a choice, rescue his son or let his son die and and save all the people on the train by switching the tracks. The illustration ends with the man bringing his child's "broken lifeless body" home to his wife (I distinctly remember the wording in quotes) to explain what happened. As a child this REALLY bothered me. It was meant to illustrate what Jehovah did for mankind by offering up his son. Anyone else remember this one? Any other common illustrations that bothered you?

  • Quandry

    Fleshybirdfodder----first of all, every time I read your name I have to laugh. It is great.

    Your question-have any of us heard this illustration used--it was used year before last at the memorial, and the same speaker used it not too long before that in his public talk. I also heard it several times in different places over the years. Boy, do the same illustrations get used all over, or what? You are in Canada and I am in Texas-Houston area. Actually, as one speaker on here posted, we got the same talks over and over again. Especially the one about marriage. I think I could have mouthed the words as the speaker gave that one after hearing it sooooo many times!!!!!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow That is so sick to tell children. I'm glad I'm out

    But when you think of it that is exactly what the WTS tells parents to do when thier kids decide to leave the JWs - let them go and let them die

    Notice they aren't taught to throw themselves in front of the train to save the child and the passnegers

  • Fleshybirdfodder


    That far down South? I wonder if they've heard it across the seas? What about the one trying to encourage us to be MS's? "If you were on a sinking ship and got onto a lifeboat wouldn't you want to the one rowing the oars?" Hey guilt trip! Glad to meet you! Thanks for making me feel like a piece of sh*t.

  • gaiagirl

    That illustration brings to mind the question "So who is the 'wife' to whom Jehovah brings the broken lifeless body of Jesus'"? Ashera? Astarte? Istar? Isis?

  • elliej

    A sister in my car group read this glurge to us one sunny Saturday morning. I have never been so turned off in my life. It was one of the last times I ever went out in service.

  • loosie

    I have heard that illustration many times. It's sick.

    God made us to have intense love for our children. So why would he expect us to let them die? Besides we don't have the ability to resurrect our children in 3 days (like God does) so it isn't a realistic illustration.

  • Stephanus

    You guys only got to hear this as a sermon illustration?? Count yourselves lucky - I saw an actual Christian film based on this allegory when I was a teen!

  • Highlander

    So let me get this right, and please correct me if I'm wrong. The attendant can switch the tracks, thereby allowing the train to cross the bridge.

    or... he doesn't switch the tracks. If he doesnt throw the switch, where does the train go? Over a cliff? Come on! that is so dumb,

    if the train isn't diverted onto the bridge, then the other set of tracks would run in a different direction,, maybe it heads south, along the river?

    One thing is for certain,, train tracks don't run straight off a cliff unless ofcourse you've seen the movie 'back to the future' part three.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Fleshybirdfodder,

    I've heard that illustration countless times. It reminded me of one I heard years ago at a circuit assembly. A feeble attempt to guilt the adolescents in the audience. It went like this.

    A family of JW's had a problematic teenager son, who just would not get his "spiritual" act together. He was troublesome, and a bad example for the rest of the family, who were attempting to tow the Watchtower line. Well, the parents of this miscreant were at a loss of what to do with this "bad egg". So what daddy did was this.

    This family had a precious antique table the whole family cherished. It was made of fine wood, and was considered an heirloom to all of them. So what daddy did, (as he was at wits end as what to do with his bad egg son) was to bang a spike (16 penny nail) in the precious table every time he broke Jehovah's rules. This went on for some time and the table ended up with a bunch of spikes hammered into it. The nails served as a reminder to the bad egg just how bad he was. Well as time went on, the bad egg son started to change his pubescent ways and began to see the "light". As he did this, daddy began to pull the nails out one by one. Over time they all got pulled out. As an end result, the now good egg son went to his dad and said, "dad you pulled all the nails out of the table, but now there are holes in the table. Dads answer to that was, "well son, those are like the scars that you've left on the family for your previous behavior, and will/should serve as a reminder that we should always serve Jehovah, and not break his rules"..............

    Goddamn kindergarten


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