Smoking 101

by freedomlover 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu
    It's supposed to help 'pack' the tobac tighter and burn better and some say longer. Mostly it is just part of the habit that goes along with smoking.

    That is correct. Here's another piece of useless trivia: this is mostly prominent in the US, and not in Canada. My brother picked up this habit from being a truck driver, and my wife picked it up from him.

  • freedomlover

    wow. really Nos??

    so banging against your hand doesn't really help the cig burn longer???

    just a habit??

  • Hellrider

    Hi.It`s to "tighten" the tobacco, as it sometimes can be lose enough for some of it to fall out the front of the cig. But don`t smoke. I`ve been a smoker for 12-13 years, and I know I need to quit, but it`s so damn hard, and I`m afraid that if I quit, I will constantly be depressed and miss it, even for years ahead. I wish I had never started.

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