I have been told by "born-again christians" Booker, why do you attack BACs

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    Booker the Church of Christ is a high controlling church that borders on, if not is, a cult. I think you might be better off looking for a Calvary Chapel or some other non-denominational church.

  • smellsgood

    Booker: about not caring about Tithing he got angry at me and told me that the Bible says you have to tithe. I did not have a problem with giving money I even gave as a JW's but I did not like it the way they lied about it.

    smellsgood: Um, this is a whacked out church and a pastor on pills. That's insane. They have no right to know about your personal income. Also, as a church "pastor" obviously he should know *even if it doesn't put money direct in the church coffers* that "tithing" does not even need include a 'Church.' Charities are very much included in that. You think God wouldn't appreciate medicine/food/shelter for the poor/hungry/sick in the world. A donation to those things are very much "tithing." give me a break what a dumb reaction he had.

    booker: And when I stood up for myself they got very angry at me. I told them that I would not give the church any money because they lied. And they all but told me not to come back. Every time you mention to a born-again christian about all of the dirt that goes on in some of the churches they will generally say "those are isolated cases". My question to posters out there is are Born-Again Christians a "controlling group" like the JW's and don't want you to have your independence?

    smellsgood: The trouble is, there is no 'center' to the born-again Christians. By definition, born again is in individual state, no community environment necessary. I wouldn't say it could be a cult because there is indeed no hierarchy type top-down structuring. There's no society/person etc. ruling the born-again Christians from the top down.

    It's a shame that those you worked with were so ignorant by the way. Instead of threatening you with damnation, wouldn't it have been nice if one of them had tried to ask you from his viewpoint why Jesus wasn't your mediator, or brought crisis of conscience in, or just generally didn't behave like a prik with re: to your unfortunate affiliation with the WT at that time. That's the unfortunate hazard: stupidity, of the ignorant sector of the 'believing' community at large.

    They should have been helpful not odious and antagonistic.


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