Cleaning out a bachelor's food pantry...

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  • nelly136

    somewheres in the depths of my cupboards i have a 1950ish (could be older?)catering tin of powdered instant mash potato that i rescued from my grandads stuff when he died.

    i did have his antique bottle of spry crisp and dry oil but i put that in my car engine cos it needed oil and i was skint at the time.

  • greendawn

    In the UK and EU in general there are the "sell by" dates which signify that an item has to be sold by that date or thrown away eg meat fresh (non frozen) meat pies or some soft cheeses.

    Then there are the "best before" dates items with these can be sold even months after they end eg chocolates and tinned food.

    Mild cheddar cheese has a six month sale date from production but it gets better after that, as it matures more, LOL. It improves rather that deteriorate.

    So I think your tinned tomatoes are good, people have eaten tinned corned beef that was 100 years old.

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