Any RUNNERS out there?!?

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  • jstalin

    I've recently started running. I've done one 5k this year and having fun working up to longer distances.

  • PrimateDave

    Yes! And I'm a barefoot runner, too. I love it.
    It is great to feel the textures of different surfaces beneath my feet like sand, grass, and even asphalt. I have to be a bit more careful than shod runners, but I feel the benefits outweigh the risks. Besides the sensual aspect of actually touching the earth with sophisticated sensory organs (the soles of my feet), my bones, muscles, and tendons actually get stronger doing what they were designed/evolved to do.
    Granted, it's not for everyone, but the next time you get blisters from those shoes, think about what they (your shoes) must be doing to the insides of your feet!

  • FairMind

    I was a runner for 30 years but quit a year and a half ago due to knee problems. I knew my running days were soon coming to an end so around 2000 I switched to bicycling. I now bike about 300 – 400 miles monthly (30 – 45 mile rides). Never thought anything could adequately replace running but find that I enjoy bicycling even more (just as fit too),

  • Princess

    I run frequently. I have run two full marathons and many half marathons. I like 5K's and 10K's too, but they are over so fast! Right now I'm focusing on cycling since I have a two day, 206 mile ride next month. I can't completely give up running though, so I try to run five miles at least two or three times a week. After my bike ride I'm switching gears to triathlon training for a couple in August and a couple in September, then I switch back to running and training for the Seattle Marathon in November.

    My advice is to find a good sports drink and most importantly, a good recovery drink. Since your events are back to back, you need a good recovery drink so you can feel fresh for that marathon on day two. I recommend Endurox. I take it after every big ride or long run and usually feel fine the next day. No residual soreness in the legs. It's important to learn how to properly re-fuel after training.

    I train on the bike and on any run over 8 miles with a Camelback full of sports drink. I prefer E-fuel from I don't drink it full strength (personal preference) but my husband does. It tastes good and is easy to mix. It comes in single packets, it's a gel and you just dump it in the water. They make excellent gu-shots too called E-gel. I find the hardest part of running long distances is not staying well hydrated. If I fill my Camelback with a packet of E-fuel and 32 ounces of water, I can run much easier and farther.


  • Kudra

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I have been getting back into it more now- My friend just showed me a new trail that is great- there are three little mountains close to each other and there is a cool system of trails that connects them all. Not so good for PrimitiveDave- lots of broken glass (near spots folks go and party) but gorgeous views. I post some pics of these runs sometime.
    I have some new marathon training shoes -the classic gray New Balance ones and also some trail runners, but they are a little thin on the bottom- and there are lots of sharp rocks here.
    Thanks everyone for the advice- I am trying to eat better good quality food... not just ice cream and wine...
    Princess: my favorites are the half marathons- they last a while and test your endurance, but they are short enough so that you can race all-out, balls to the wall! ...uh, ovaries to the wall? Tits to the wall? hmm.
    hallelujah: I will post my running sched here in a day or two -glad you asked cause it'll make me organize myself a little.

  • hallelujah

    Who could forget Zola Bud

    Actually I like it too - there must be a barefoot runners association or something like that?

  • eddie c
    eddie c

    I am getting on a bit[nearly sixty] but i like running. i recently done 10k and hope to do a lot more. Now one of my sons goes a bit further. As a teenager he was quite a prospect until he was taken ill with cancer.He could have achieved a lot but the illness took its toll. He is now fully recovered and loves to run.He does these "tough guy" races.They are all mad.Its unbelievable what they go through.You dont have to be mad...but it helps.

    Running is great. I am going to get back into training this week.

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