Any RUNNERS out there?!?

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  • Kudra

    Because I love running and I am going to start training for the Durango Double.

    It's in Colorado (Durango) on October 6 + 7.

    It is a 50k (~30 mi) trail run on Saturday followed by a road marathon (26 mi) on Sunday... WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone ever trained for anything like this??? I've done marathons before but never anything this crazy! I need advice!

    I'll check out training programs online but would love to know if any of ya'll apostates share this craziness...?

  • KW13

    i ain't a long distance runner, but i do the 100 metre sprint well, i ran for the school and if i had of stayed as fit it was possible i could of tried it as a career. i never lost it once.

    i wish you the best with your run, the longest i ever did was 3 miles, afterwards i went to the pub and much later when i got home i was sick...never run and drink!!

    Pace yourself, take plenty to drink, eat foods with a slow energy release like...rabbits

  • hallelujah

    On ya Kudra

    I always fancied myself running every day. it turns out to be three weeks on and six months off. But you're heling me to get the inspiration to do it after all.

    Bush running is the most fun of all.

    (PS check out a one minute download on Yamakaze - i.e. building jumping, they do some bush running (and jumping) in that too)

    I got a bit carried away rock climbing without ropes and it sort of scared me off since I took testing myself too far and nearly failed. But running, it's just great because you've just got to keep going and the risks don't exist at all.

    Always breath through the nose (in and out) - that's something I got from my meditation days. And drink heaps and heaps of water (i'm trying to take my own advice). We have a bush marathon here near Sydney too, it's called the six foot track marathon. I'm going to try to take some of your enthusiasm and get back into it myself.

    Thanks Kudra


  • hallelujah

    I only normally run about 4km (when I'm running) but I suppose 42k is only 10.5 times as far.

    What's your training schedule.

  • Kudra

    that bush running sounds really cool- I have your Aussie running assn bookmarked -so I take it bush running is like crazy cross-country running, jumping over wallabies and stuff?
    I have seen some of that urban building/stairs/handrail running/jumping stuff- it is awesome. I love trail running here in AZ because the trails are so crazy and rocky. I am a bit of a klutz but ya gotta be quick on your feet to keep from plummeting headlong into a pricklypear cactus...
    After a run out here in the desert mountains your shoes are always covered with spines and stickers and you have "desert pinstriping" on the sides of your arms and legs from the mesquite, thorn bushes and palo verde you run by. Aus sound similarly rugged!
    My schedule? just like for a marathon, long runs, speed workouts, but with LOTS of hills...
    Thanks! I'm getting more excited- I always need good morale for running...

  • hallelujah

    Bush running is so much fun. It's much more exciting than road running. I'll have to increase my schedule and get into it. We were all amazed over here when Cliff Young at 64 won the Sydney to Melbourned ultra marathon (about 500 miles) and kept running till about the day he died 20 years later.

    There's hope for us all yet. PS. the wallabies are generally much quicker than we are. You don't see them as much in the day as hear them at night, which is when the bush really comes alive.


  • Dirks Retort
    Dirks Retort

    You can add me to the list.

    Generally I run everyday and cross-country / road racing on the weekend.

    Sometimes I wonder if unfit people know what they are missing out on...

  • hallelujah

    Alright folks what's a good program. I think we should keep this thread going and run every day. I'm going for mine now. Good on you Kudra

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I used to be a middle distance runner (10K). I'd give yhe same advice as KW:

    Pace yourself, take plenty to drink, eat foods with a slow energy release

    Pasta is good!

    Also, assuming you know this but just in case - make sure you have the correct footwear for each race - and break them in well ahead of the races.

    Good luck!

  • streets76

    I'm a year round (3 or 4 times a week) runner. I've done one marathon, a few 8 Ks, and half a dozen or so ten milers. Great stress relief.

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